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Questions and Answers on Heroin - Paper Example

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Explain the differences in the demographics of the users of heroin. Specifically, address race and age.

The author argues that the people with the previous non-medical use of prescription opioids are at great risk of heroin addiction. The introduction of deterrent measures against opioids abuse has transitioned former dependents of opioids to use heroin. Non-Hispanic whites are at the highest risk of using heroin than the non-Hispanic Blacks. The blacks followed the significant users of heroin especially those on any opioid prescription who use combine heroin with other prescription opioids. The Hispanics have the lowest use and addiction to heroin in all racial groups with primarily the young people being the major users of heroin in all the races.

How does the drug affect the users body and mind, including but not limited to addiction?

Continued use of heroin has devastating effects on the user body and mental health. Heroin is an addictive drug due to its intense pleasurable feeling it causes by binding to the opioid receptors in the body which results in the release of dopamine a neurotransmitter which causes pleasure feelings to the user. The immediate body effects of heroin are analgesic which relieves pain, and on the other hand, heroin causes depressant effects on the mind leading to heavy sensation in extremities, drowsiness, euphoric feeling and sedation.

How is Chicago affected? Discuss rates and demographics

Chicago is highly rated and ranked as one of the leading emergency room visits for heroin use related cases. With many deaths linked to heroin use and many people already addicted to the drug has led to the rise of crime rates as addicts raise money to sustain their addiction. African Americans are the leading users of Heroin in Chicago followed by the Caucasian white with the Hispanic population recording the lowest rates amongst the major racial groups in Chicago.

What is the treatment available for heroin addicts? How is it different than other treatment plans?

Heroin use leads to a strong addiction that can only be treated effectively using a treatment plan and the help of a professional. Heroin treatment can be carried out in the residential or outpatient setting. The treatment plan involves heroin detoxification, heroin counselling and aftercare. Unlike other treatment plans that mostly require detoxification, heroin treatment plans include counselling and aftercare due to its impact on the brain which can cause to relapse to drug use shortly after treatment if the heroin users are not provided with aftercare and counselling.

What is the difference between slips and relapses? Discuss what each one is and how they affect the user.

Slips are the irregular use of heroin after engaging a treatment plan whereas relapse in the regular or complete return to normal usage of heroin after engaging a treatment plan. Slips and relapse reduce the effectivity of the treatment plan which makes it more difficult for future detoxification approaches to work. Further, relapse and slips can result in acute withdrawal syndrome which subjects the user to more suffering during treatment.


Work Cited

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