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Gender Identity Persuasive Essay

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The personal experiences of the three authors show how the society perceives the issue of transsexuality. In the Society Constructs Biology; Biology Constructs Gender, Anne Fausto- Sterling (61) examines the way the cultural assumptions shape perceptions and the science of gender. On the other hand, according to Graff, the transgender activists can for individuals to rethink the underlying assumptions concerning sex. Furthermore, the reflection on the article written by Prosser examines how the issue of transsexuality has generated new perspectives on gender and sexuality in both queer and feminist studies. In considering the views of the different authors, it is concluded that some people are not identified with some or all the aspects of genders, and they are allocated to their biological sex where some are genderqueer, non-binary, or transgender.

Some people have behavior or bodies that unsettle the clear division, and they are referred to as transgender. The issue of transgender has made some of the children who have come of age to tell their stories as they have undergone sexual numbness, severe depression, and longtime desolation at having been spindled, mutilated and folded (Graff 1). The case of Spallanzani and the experience he had on spermatozoa and the role they conduct on fertilization holds a modern scientific activity which has an impact on the current culture. Even though spermatozoa is known for experimental disproof due to the idea of spontaneous generation, it has made a significant contribution to the thinking concerning embryonic development and fertilization.

The generalizations about gender that exist in the current society include working which is common for all the sexes. In the past years, men were given the opportunity to work. However, the issue has changed since most of the women are employed currently. Another generalization that exists in the current society is that both women and men can be the providers of the house. Furthermore, currently, men can do the feminine chores like cooking, washing, and other housework. The current generation has generalized most of the activities that were regarded as feminine or male.

In the scientific literature, the issue of the decisive role of the estrogen has commenced to creep in. The reason is that of the discovery that the testosterone can be converted to estrogen with some cells in the body (Fausto-Sterling, 64). Thus, this is what is believed to have an impact on the male behavior caused by this conversion with the cells in the brain. According to Griff, the gender of an individual is decided when he or she is in the utero. Some people have behavior or bodies that unsettle the clear division, and they are referred to as transgender. In page 702 on the reflection of Prosser, the author feels bad about the ability of his students to read gender when they are transitioning from female to male.

Women and men are emotionally and mentally different. Additionally, their gender is determined in the utero. Individuals accepting their sex have challenged the generalization of gender. Some of the incidents in which transgender has affected individuals include a 15-year-old girl who is confined in a mental hospital as she could not put on the dress (Graff 696). Another incidence is a truck driver who was fired from his he had performed for twenty years because his boss learned that he puts on female clothes when he is at home (Graff 696). Additionally, a hustler in the Falls City was also raped and murdered when people discovered that he is physically female. These incidents have made individuals to confront the issue of stereotyping head on. Most of the people have taken the action of condemning stereotyping immediately it occurs.

Research shows that Men and women are equally engaged in the financial roles. The culture of an individual is changed the moment the gender is known. Furthermore, both men and women can benefit from the changes that occur in the gender roles. In the past 30 years, most of the women have joined the workforce, and the men have taken the household work. The multiple roles have played a significant role in improving the psychological and physical health of both women and men. Furthermore, high levels of the tasks fulfillment are linked to the low levels of anxiety and depression.

Gender is an essential part of the human experience as it bifurcates humanity to contemporary and separate groups, which influences the ability of individuals to relate and understand others. The changes are not so fast because they have taken over thirty years for the transitions to take place. The society is headed in a situation where men or women will not be linked to any gender role. They will be able to do any task regardless of the traditional inclination. However, during the development of the embryos in the mammals, the XX and XY embryos show the evidence of the sex differences. The choice of following either a female or a male path of growth and development is made by the intervention of the hormones and sex chromosomes that exist in the utero. Therefore, although the gender roles may change, the behaviors of the different gender may not change.


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