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Intervention Plan Self-empowerment Community Service

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Goals Enable the client bring up the children in the best psychological and physical manner possible. To enable the community integrate the client to the community and community based activities to foster unity

Narrative The client is faced with poverty and lack of financial support to support her children. This therefore, affects provision of basic needs for the children Community inclusivity of the client will help the client psychologically. Through community involvement, the client will not feel left out and unwanted therefore creating networks which can even help her secure a job

Intervention Plan Self-empowerment Community Service

Single mothers go through a lot of struggle in taking care of their children single handedly. Through their struggle, they are faced with problems associated with poverty which affects provision of proper food to the children, effective medical care, proper education or and even proper shelter which can foster healthy physical and psychological needs for the children. Stacy became a single mother six years ago after years of marital issues lasting for 15 years. She did all she can to save her marriage due to her Christian background. However, it reaches a point where she could not take it anymore; therefore she quit her marriage for the sake of her children. Despite her academic qualifications, he cannot get a well-paying job to enable her to gather and give a good life to her two children. Stacys problems can be addressed by interventions from family who can offer her support in terms of housing of financially, community by providing her with psychological support and inclusivity and organizational support by incorporating her in projects that can help her appreciate her capability by empowering her through programs like farming and entrepreneurship (Nord, 2014) .

Individual System Intervention


The goal of this intervention plan is to enable the client and the kids live in a stress- free and financially stable environment. The major goal for this client is financial stability to provide for the children based on her single parenthood nature.


The client can only achieve her goals through having enough finances to provide for the children and herself as well. To do this, she can get a well-paying job or become an entrepreneur to get money. However, this must be done soon since the children are growing and very soon the need will start to increase, for example, educational needs.


The client will apply for relevant jobs based on her qualifications. Members of the community with similar qualifications can refer them for possible employment opportunities the afterwards, the client will be responsible for managing between work and and taking care of her family.


He client is expected to improve on providing her children with better basic needs in terms of food, shelter and medical care. The client is also expected to improve on community involvement during projects and community work to improve on her work experience and build her portfolio. Additionally, the client is expected to provide better living environment for her children and stop regretting on past marriage memories

Evaluation Plan

The client will be evaluated for effectiveness of the intervention plan on monthly bases in figuring out what has improved on the needs of the children, her psychological state and her health state considering she has been diagnosed with depression.

Community System Intervention


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