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Essay Sample: Evolution in the Healthcare Sector

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The global health sector has hugely transformed over the past half-decade; the primary cause of these changes being urbanization, the dawn of HIV-AIDS virus and the legalization of birth control. The global life expectancy has also increased by a significant margin too. Scientists, on the other hand, have improved this sector by developing genetic testing, DNA sequencing and skin grafting. In the last fifty years, no one would predict how the health sector would be like today, the same thing happening today for it is still hard to predict how this field will be, fifty years from now. The handful of medical advances in the healthcare sector and demographic shifts are unpredictable.

Shortly, there will be considerable changes in the global healthcare sector. The changes will be caused by the rise of chronic diseases, the infectious diseases that are rapidly growing, climate change, which will greatly influence health and the health technology. Research done has come up with predictions of how these changes will occur. For instance, the non-communicable diseases are said to be the cause of the most deaths in the future. The emergence and growth of infectious diseases will also play a significant role in the health sector. On the other hand, the climates will rise causing the vectors to move north following the heat; therefore, the systems of health are required to be ready to address increasing incidents of diseases.

The Anti-Aging Medical research, which has been funded with billions of dollars, is seen to extend the human lifespan in years to come. It has been named as a long-term bet for it will make good progress in a reasonable timescale as long as he right people are involved. In the past years, the rejuvenating power of young blood has been demonstrated. The elimination of the senescent cells in aged mice is supposed to boost the lifespan by a considerable margin. However, lifespan has been going up, although not constantly. The disease-based medicine used in the past can longer be practiced. Therefore, the preventative anti-aging and regenerative medicine are left as the only solution which can prevent the national budgets to be bankrupted because of the massive chronic healthcare expenses. The anti-aging and regenerative medicine market is therefore giving out an exciting career.

In conclusion, healthcare sector advances should be expected shortly for scientists are performing several pieces of research to ensure they develop this field in all ways. The rise of numerous chronic diseases will be the primary cause of evolution for as time advances, there will emerge new and more complicated diseases that will require advanced healthcare facilities, medicines and technologies to treat them. However, change in climate, due to global warming, will also influence the growth of infectious disease that will require specialized attention. After several types of research have been done, the anti-aging and regenerative technologies have been found as the only solution to this problem, which has been a major concern, globally. Therefore, the research has been funded with a lot of money to ensure that the process is successful. It is a challenge to a student studying medicine because shortly, he or she might be required to go back to school for further studies on the advancing medical sector. Thus, one should be open-minded to fit in the evolution occurring in this sector.

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