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2021-08-23 16:18:44
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There is a growing trend of mistrust as far as the world of Media and Communication is concerned. The adage is such that anyone who tends to put their faith in either what the television, the radio or newspaper report is indeed bound to receive news which is superficial and biased at most (Coleman, 2005). While borrowing the auspicious words of Coleman, I am inclined to reiterate the fact that most media houses nowadays are just full of half-truths, lies and spinned propagandas.

Freedom of Press

A survey done in the U.S reveal that about 45% of Americans believe little or nothing as far as the newspapers are concerned. This belief is held the world over as major cities and states have an all rounded opinion on the same. This would then beg the question as to why this is so? In most countries and especially developing nations, the governments have been known to using brutal force in controlling their media houses. In as much as it is a despicable act, it began right at the beginning with tyrants such as Hitler and the Nazis. The press being such a powerful tool, is quite instrumental in getting a people to do what a chosen few would love to see implemented at the expense of truth, fairness and justice. So powerful is the media that the twentieth century autocrats would have to devise better methodologies of cajoling and taming the media into doing their bidding (Coleman, 2005).

Subtlety nature of the Media.Todays media has what I would term as a soft approach towards politicians, despots and corrupt officials who have full control over them. It is a sad affair to see the media being helpless as far as these autocrats are concerned. It is crucial for the media not to adopt a delicate approach when dealing with societal matters as it is a shield against the defenceless, the poor and the impoverished of the society. The media should never take a back seat against evils of the society, it is a body mandated to interrogate, question, ask and criticise the wrong doings within a community. It thus becomes distrustful when it choses instead to wine and dine with the same culprits while turning a blind eye towards whats wrong.

Use of Bribe.Another reason as to why the media cannot be trusted is also because of the use of bribes and the allure of fame and wealth that comes with it. Todays journalists lack a keen sense of responsibility towards preserving a societys history, heritage and well-being. They are instead engaged in some dubious show-business in which the exultation of self is magnified above the norm and the sense of justice thrown out through the window. Instead of the media being a tool for protection for its citizens, it instead ceases and absconds from its primal duty by befriending the so called Haves and exposing the Have-nots to suffer dire consequences.

In conclusion, it is paramount in my opinion for the media to change its way ward stand and begin doing what it was intended for from the very start. The act of hiding under a bushel and failing to take up the mantle is what is causing massive mistrust in the world today. In all honesty, nobody wants a system which favours the rotten of the society and goes even further to appease them. The media has a duty to its people, to offer them protection and truth at all times and against whichever cause and against its selfish dreams and ambitions. It is a right for every person after all.


Why The Media Can't Be Trusted To Provide The Truth . 2005,

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