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Essay on Western Civilization I: Antiquity to the Renaissance

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Part of Greeks history is characterized by the war between Persia and Greece. This war is considered by many as the milestone that shapes the history of Greece. For Greece, this war is regarded as an important feature by the people of Athens because they remained culturally and politically dominant within the region. In the war, Greece came out as a better fighter for various reasons. This essay is, therefore, going to look at the various reasons that led to Greece winning the war with Persia.

The major reason that led the Greeks to the victory in the war with Persia was the unity they had against Persia. The unity among Greece was more effective in the invasion because of it more of a land based attack rather than a sea invasion that is referred also as the naval invasion (Murray and Richard). For example, the plan executed by Xerxes was successful for land attacks. This was an advantage to Greece because their rivals used the naval invasion. Consequently, the armies used by both Greece and Persia were founded on large fleets. However, Greece ruled in terms of the naval fleet, which was directly linked to the second attack.

Secondly, the victory Greece had with its naval invasion had a crippling effect on the land army. The success of Greeces naval victory was due to the input of Themistocles. If it was not for his input, Greece would not have had the resources to build approximately 200 ships that were used by the army during the invasion. The joint force witnessed between the two parties that are the naval invasion and land attacks are what led to Greece victory as they depended on each other for victory. The Persian naval forces defended their flanks, and this prevented the Greeks from sailing their naval ships to a spot on the Persian land and outflanks them (Murray and Richard). The Greeks also delivered some supplies that their armies needed for survival and this also aided in the victory.

Furthermore, Greeks supremacy of its troops over their rival was a vital attribution to the Greek victory. Since the Persians were more superior numerically, Greeks had to devise ways in which to minimize their rivals numerical dominance. The conscripted and extensive army of the Persians showcased poor battle skills underlining those of expertise and communication. These challenges make it difficult for the Persians to move as a single entity, and thus instead of their numeric supremacy being an advantage to them, it was instead a hindrance to their victory. The Greeks, therefore, took advantage of the disorganized troops of the Persian and this led to their victory. The Greeks compensated their numerical disadvantage by reinforcing the wings of their formation thus weakening the Persian center (Murray and Richard). Though the Greeks army was inferior in terms of size, their prowess and superior skills managed to encircle and trap the enemy.

In conclusion, it can be pointed out that the unity showcased by the Greeks on the battlefield led to their victory and defeat of the Persian. This war has presented the world with historical lessons with reverence to the weight of having unified countries that gives rise to proper developments and other progressive changes. The Greek and Persian War is thus considered a notable battle that showcased the hegemony of the military tactics that were employed by the Greeks during the war. Moreover, the war presents a lesson to other nations that unity was basically the fundamental factor that aided the fighting back in the battle against the Persians.

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