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Essay on Significance of Performance Management

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Performance, as stated by many scholars, is regarded as the achievement of an organization about its set goals. It consists of outcomes accomplished through the effective through contributions by employees to the organizations strategic goals. The performance of this individuals or team encompasses economic as well as behavioral issues. Behaviors are viewed as outcomes in their way, which can be judged apart from the results posted. Performance is an impact. The roles of the manager are categorized into three parts: Being, Doing and Relating.

Being is focused on the competencies of the manager that are relevant to his performance. It is the activeness of the manager both in the mind and spirit. Doing is concerned with the management activities that are effective at different levels in the organization. These actions affect the performance of other roles which are dependent on the managers out and the collective performance of the team. Ideas are strange things they only work when you take action. Relating focuses on the nature of relationships with other players in the organization (Frauenheim, 2009).

Performance has been linked to individual potential and how best it is comprehended by the individual. Managers ability is determined when a set of the task is assigned to him. It is also related to performance standards that are set. Task-related activities are the supervisor's involvement to achieve the set task or meet expectations in the given task environment. Performance is what the managers strive to make. The output is the results for which we work. It is the variable that is predicted. The performance of people is not only a sequence of causes and effects, but it is also a collection of goals and actions that lead to the ultimate goal.

Human resource ensures that there is sufficient integration of different sub-systems to make it possible for the organizational achievement goals with exceptional performance. These subsystems include people management, task supervision, job description, motivation, reward system and training empowerment. Human resource managers must ensure that the process is balanced and fair to all employees across the organization. Appropriate treatment and making sure that due satisfaction to the stakeholders of the team is among factors Hr. Managers should put into full consideration. It should be done by treating people as human beings rather than as mere employees and having strong trust and empathy. The environment in place will be the environment required for adequate performance. There should be co-operation and not control by the managers. They should nurture the practice of getting work completed through the system of obtaining employees consensus rather than through coercion (Tyler, August 2005).

The required output is achieved by ensuring that performance management of the employees is conducted through the practical ways and means. Employee satisfaction guarantees that there will be significant output. The running of any organization without the appropriate performance management techniques may lead to the ineffective performance of the employees and less production. The essential performance management tools should be put to work. Once a well-created system has been put in place the work is not done yet. An appraisal system has to be maintained by monitoring its operation through periodic evaluations. By keeping an appraisal system has finely tuned, managers can have a rational basis for making sound personnel decisions and for making the kinds of abundance in productivity that are so needed.

The most critical concern is the organizational compensation system. Effective performance appraisal must be carefully integrated with other human resource domains, particularly compensation system with pay according to performance component. Accurate assessments are also essential tools for determining training needs (Employees care about performance reviews more than you think, July 2009).

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