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Essay on Decision Approach and Source of Organizational Power

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Vanderbilt University
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1. In a half-page discuss the following decision approach and link it to what you have learned about this approach in Organization Theory and Design course. Support your discussion with 2 scholars.

Carnegie approach of decision making requires collaboration and formation of the coalition within the organization. In a family set up, there is no chain of command but all the family members can report to the husband (Daft & Armstrong, 2015). The decision to stay in Dubai is reached through the discussion between the wife and the husband. In this decision model, there is a free flow of information either from children to the husband or from the wife to children (Finnie, 2016). In this family set up organization people act in a friendly. The father and mother act as mentors to each other and to the children. The family is held together by loyalty and tradition and everybody in the family is allowed to participate in the decision-making process (Daft & Armstrong, 2015). The family is also concerned about building human resource development and the members are bonded together by morals. For this family set up to succeed there is a framework which is used to address the need of every family member and every member must care for the affairs of others. In this kind of organization, there is a need for teamwork, participation, and consensus.

2. In a half, page discusses the following source of organizational power example and link it to what you have learned about this in Organization Theory and Design course. Support your discussion with 2 scholars. In this organization, decision making is made by the top level management. The information flows from the executives to the lower level management (Jones, Mills, Weatherbee, & Mills, 2005). In this organization, there is a proper chain of command and the employees are not allowed to participate in decision making but are obligated to follow the decision which has been made by the executives. In this organization, the executives such as CEO authorize the middle and lower level management to follow their directives. In this organization, there is formal work environment as there are stringent institutional procedures to guide the way things are done (Finnie, 2016). In this case, the CEO is chosen by the Government and answerable to the board of directors. There are clear rules and regulation which must be followed and each the organization is divided into departments which specific roles and responsibilities.


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