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Essay on Brexit: Impacts of Brexit for the Future of European Integration

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One wonders what will be the strategic effect Brexit will have as far as the future of European integration is concerned (ALLEN, 2017). Will really the leave Vote be bad for the united Europe future projects? Could it turn out to a politically suicidal decision now that currently, Britain is, for instance, turning into a political guinea pig? Could be, in the future, the Brexit will be a sad fate to many members of the EU. Yes, a European country such as the United Kingdom will end up being hit hard by the issue of Brexit but the worse will happen to Britain and countries such as Hungary, Denmark, and Netherlands having in mind that the European integration has for the last six decades been a process that has been characterized with a lot of ups and downs.

The repulsions of the exit of the united kingdom from the European Union for the British state and the economy would be much negative (Amadeo, 2017). Signs such as a steep drop of the British pound and the British shares are an indication that it would be disastrous for the European integration. The Brexit starts at a period when there is a lot of uncertainties which could end up hitting finance, trade, business and investment even harder than many expected.

Brexit will pose major impacts on the development of the European integration. Uncertainties about the future are what indicate that something which is not good would result from Brexit (Conference Board of Canada, 2016). This is because the United States could, for instance, act under different scenarios such as nationalist, cosmopolitan, and realist and this will lead to consequences as far as the future integration of European is concerned. Additionally, the Brexit will challenge the future role of European integration as the world leading donor. Global aid may then reduce to 3% and the EUs may end up losing 10 to 13 % of its share worldwide. As a result of Brexit, the European integration could end being affected in terms of its presence in the countries that neighbor it such as North America, and Eastern Europe. On such and depending on the different scenarios, the EU would experience a cut of 1% to 4% (Cremona, 2017).

However, in future, based on the European integration, there is a possible reaction to Brexit. It could adopt the distich approaches to the development cooperation and the foreign policy by limiting it to regional power or by focusing on growth to become the world leader (Duarte, 2017). However, note that by limiting its role to regional power, the Brexit would have a very mild effect but by growing to become the world leader, the Brexit would have a huge impact. The EU would need in future, to compensate for all the losses that will be experienced in Britains contribution to the European integration either qualitatively or quantitatively.

Positive impacts

Brexit will end up weakening all the forces that are in the EU that favor excellent integration. Brexit will as well make Germany become even more preponderant. The Brexit is a total momentous event in the Europe history. However, this does not mean that the EU will totally fall apart in future, because, chances are, every centrist politician who heads the EU member state will henceforth be against all the populist forces who are there to oppose both them and the EU (Hussain, 2016). The competing approaches to the future of EU will be excellent to save the EU regardless of the Brexit.

The European Commission is determined by further integration (Grant, 2016). It will, therefore, purpose to press its members to accept the European solutions that for instance involve the EU institutions extra powers. The commission is not however intended to grab power but genuinely believes that the problems they are likely to face in future integration as a result of Brexit, needs and requires more Europe. Such is the right thing to do in order to save the future of EU. An exit of one country does not necessarily mean that the entire organization of the EU will fall. Brexit is a breakthrough to the EU because the European leaders stand a better chance of working on reforms that will keep the European integration moving. By, for instance, the passing of laws, revision of budgets and the revision of intergovernmental agreements, the European integration will stand a better chance of survival. The Brexit is a high motivation to the European integration leaders to accept new laws that will help save its desire for future integration (Middle Temple (London, England), 2016). Consequently, such laws will give the EU institutions power to overcome. In any case, the United States has a bridge that is separating it from accessing its desired goals; not all the members of the EU supports Brexit.

Conclusively, Brexit even though it has a positive impact on the European integration, the negative impacts are so heavy for the EU to handle. This is having in mind that EU policymakers are currently having a lot of problems that they need to handle that include, for instance, the Greek economy, influxes of the refugees, and the instability that is being experienced in the European neighborhood. They must at all cost if they want to secure their future integration, handle the complexities of the Brexit first.




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