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Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peri-urban Markets - Essay Example

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According to Technavio (2017), light rail transportation market will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.76% between 2016 and 2020. Both the developing countries and the developed economies have increasingly favoured the adoption of public-private partnership (PPP) model for infrastructures development, and most of the projects are currently being developed because of the renewed interest infrastructural development. The PPP funding mode promises significant of costs savings and risk mitigation in railways infrastructures funding and implementation. Many private investors have signed long-term contracts with the government authorities to deliver, and maintain the urban transit system. Investors are however more interested in the earning potential of their investments. Therefore, to get information about the demand for light rail vehicles (LRV) passenger coaches especially for the urban rail transit market. The following sources can be useful to the interested parties:

Siemens AG (2017) report has information about the market US light rail market indicating that there are over 20,000 trainsets. It also indicates that top vendor, market size, and conducts market analysis based on the five forces framework. It has up to date information light rail markets in all geographical segments from Europe, to the Americas, APAC and MEA. One can access information on the market drivers, impacts drivers, market challenges as well as the market trends.

Fross and Sulivan also published an Executive Analysis of the Global Rail Market 2016. Their report includes information about the global rail market overview with domain-specific forecasts, the rail traffic growth and its correlations with urbanization. Other information provides include the global rolling stock suppliers, the industry players mergers, CSR and CRCC. This reports also include information about the light rail OEMs operating across the light rail value chain and the regulation that will impact the light rail transport domains.

Industry reports can provide information about the light rail industry with special emphasis on four years forecast. The forecasts include the future market size, the forecasted growth rate as well as the main drivers and challenges. Opportunities and threats. The industry reports can also provide relevant and updated information about the strengths and weaknesses of each of the industry players as well as the opportunities and threats of each vendor.

This reports province information about the urban mass transit system. The annual rolling stocks market by regions such as New York City, Germany, the passenger and freight rail market based on the region. It also provides data on the major industry segments. The report compares data for the Western Europe region, Asia/Pacific, NAFTA. CIS, Eastern Europe as well as the rest of Americas regarding infrastructures, rolling stock, rail control, and services (Renner & Gardner, 2010). Even though it does not focus on the specific market domain, it provides useful information on the global passengers rail market and the global freight rail market by regions.

Finally, (2017) offers a candid look at the urban rail system, the industry players and the factors affecting industry performance. The report details all the happenings in the industry including the vendors, the dynamics in the American rail sector such as experiences. The metro rail reposts website provides all the light rail industry happenings, technological and research findings. The website would be useful for both vendors and investors in the light rail sector, industry competitiveness analysis as well as other development in the light rail sector.



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