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Essay on Being an Introvert

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Sewanee University of the South
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Being introverted is an aspect of my personality that impresses me. I would comfortably argue that I have always been an introvert. I often remember as a kid my parents especially my mom would always send me out play and interact with other children. It was always tough for me to find the energy to interact and play with people. If and when it was my choice, I always resolved to a corner seat in the dark end of the room and set my mind free to wander and explore countless possibilities about myself the universe, people and my mother.

Due to my introverted nature, I get drawn to events, tasks, and activities that are isolated and require personal input as opposed. I have developed skills in writing from putting my thought in order. As a routine, I always journal personal thought, feelings, and attitudes. I am a great cook, and although I havent attended any cooking classes, I use the resources in the kitchen to prepare fantastic meals. Am also very nurturing by nature, and this extends to my friend, siblings parents and people in need. In my career choices, I look forward to working in a profession that provides provision of care and improves the quality life for needy people.

I am a philanthropist, and I always had this trait. In my wonder world, I always imagine situations where people lived in harmony with love and sharing and where resources were abundant for all of us. I believe in sharing what I have to better a persons day. For me, it is not about the fame, respect or recognition that comes with giving. Rather I find an inner joy, a sense of fulfillment and a refreshed hope in the world when I afford to make a suffering or needy person smile. I share everything and anything at my disposal ranging from financial resources, company, time, knowledge and thoughts. When I see people trusting and investing in each other while giving others an opportunity to be human, my heart is at peace, and I believe in the best that the world offers.

I fear the comfort that introverts find in themselves. For since I would not mind being locked up in a room for weeks with a nice book and even a blank book and a pen. I am very comfortable interacting with myself and to some extent, I wrath going out with friends. Being an introvert is perceived by people of other personalities as boring and lifeless. However, introverts understand that being in their own company is the best feeling and experience. I despise the idea that introverted people are depressed, sad and lonely. Being an extreme introvert makes me worry about us losing touch with the world. I, however, appreciate the intense care that introverts express to their loved ones. In any case, introverts are very extroverted when they are in the company of their significant others.

Introverted people are normal human beings who tend to keep to themselves as compared to being in the company of others. Introverts are just different from other people and should not be considered as out of place. However, these people are very resourceful, and their inputs mostly focus on making the world a better place.

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