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Essay Example: Pop Culture Obsession

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Adam Savage is a person talented in hosting series of fun events. He moulds an imagination to something appealing that catches multitude attention. He uses costumes to create a sense of what he wants to reveal. Recently he narrated a TED talk that describes his childhood and how he grew up to be the person he is today. Besides, it covers his love story to the cosplay. The cosplay looks somehow weird but as far as he has a treasure in them he acknowledges using them to add clarity, humour and engage his audience to the context of his feelings. Alison sander is a director of a Centre that works on improving technology and living standards. It does so by foreseeing the future and determining what strategies to implement so that growth can be part of human lives.

In her TED talk on megatrends, she emphasized on advancements in terms of livings standards she works on BCG Centre to enhance improvements in social, economic and cultural backgrounds. In her talk, she insinuates on megatrends. This is to make sure that all clients can feel the sense of growth and invest in it as well. A reflection on Alison sander and Adam savage life histories can be termed to have resulted from their growth in pop culture. Pop culture is the trend that grows in media concerning ideas, images, altitudes, entertainments and fashion. An experience from this can bring about an obsession from a specific attribute. For example, many children nowadays grow with an influence to like movies.

Notably, being obsessed to this can result in a realization of one's talent. For example, a child who loves movies can end up being an actor. In my childhood, I had an obsession with fashion and design. This includes falling in love with any attractive cloth design that trends in the market. I used to pressure my parents to buy me cloth designs of my choice. I was much in love with the models who advertise new clothes in the media. Currently, am beginning to be a socialite advertising cloth designs in social media and willing to see people dress smart and classy. Besides, I hold a discussion with my friends on how being smart of one's choice creates confidence when meeting people, and also imparts a sense of worth in the society.

Currently, I embrace fashion and design advertisements in the media. Reflecting on this two incidents that are, childhood obsession and current altitude to fashion and design, the impact of childhood pop culture can be revealed. To start with, it is cultural for children to be obsessed with certain hobbies. Some like interacting with their mothers home chores, playing musical instruments, playing football, and watching comedies among others. My childhood obsession with fashion and design was more of fun than anything else. I could wear weirdly and appear to my friends. It was not common in western culture for children to wear suits. Individually I was unique about this. I could pressure my parents to buy for me clothes like that of the socialites and promotions agents in the television.

My parents were not mean about this. Where necessary, they could buy for me clothes of my best choice. During school events and other public occasions, I cloud appear different from the rest. This earned me a fame of being a designer. In most cases, I could be referred to present or lead a school function. This acknowledgement further developed my altitude in fashion and design such that I could use most of my time researching on current trends concerning new clothes and shoes in the market. As my fame continued to increase, I happen to realize my talent. To make it better I could watch television shows that involve comedies and designs.

Through this experience, I could determine what kind of design to ask for such that I can emulate the comedians on stage as well as be able to perform like them in church and school occasions. Connecting this pop culture analysis to what I embraced today, I can accord that specific interest in popular culture can be a source of one's profession. This is evident because the promotion and advertisement of fashion and design that I embrace today are as a result of pop culture development that I have been exposed to from childhood.

According to this trend of fashion and design, it can be revealed that in our cultural history, child nature was highly embraced. The society was concerned about childhood exposure to popular culture. Furthermore, it reveals that our society was not rigid to change. Fashion and design is a field that is associated with a lot of moral decay. However, the society embraced change and accord the necessary support towards a positive child desire. The thing that connected me to that trend of fashion and design is my aggressiveness to emulate greatness in terms cloth wear and the entire promotion. My engagement to fashion and design reveals my possibility of becoming a comedian today since comedy is all about fashion creativity and design.

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