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Essay Example on IT Failures and Trends

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Managing IT failures is a context of the development of information system that has received little attention.This failure is associated with the new trends in technology.Specifically, modern system that is characterized by systems of unpredictability composition that are caused by new processes arrival.

Examples of IT Failures and Trends

IT failures are caused by an application program or terminal user error, media failures, network transmission error, environment error, catastrophe or mischief error, operator error, or loss of data validity. However, there are four main types of failure that result from software or hardware malfunction they include media, transaction, communication and transaction failure(Senft, Gallegos, and Davis, 2013).

Examples of IT failures in management perspective is evident in lack of insufficient computer memory in a $2 billion system of air traffic control that led to cancel and delay of flights in Los Angeles. Delta Airline also suffered this failure which was due to malfunction in a piece of equipment that was aging thus it caused a fire that hit its primary backup systems; this failure led to $ 100m off its revenue In August.HSBC bank suffered this failure which was as a result of information flaw that was included in a submitted file to bacs, the system used by British bank to process millions of direct debit and credit and the wage payments.This failure affected the customers and prevented them from completing payments thus affecting the companies to pay wages.The other failure occurred in New York stock exchange after a technology upgrade frozen one of the biggest financial markets in the world.St George's bank an Australian lender suffered from a routine computer systems upgrade this resulted to customers shut out their online account.

Trends in IT continues to affect more organizations in the world, as there is the emergence of application and new technologies.The trends may include blockchains, controversial systems, Service architecture and Mesh app, Digital technology, Adaptive security, Digital Twin, Machine learning and AL, Intelligent apps, Intelligent things and Augmented reality and Virtual reality.

Whether There is Any class of System More Prone to Each Other

IT in nature appear to be difficult in large scale engineering.However, there ought to be an insatiable demand for the well engineered and sizeable software.Project management mistakes cause a lot of this failures. (Hutchison et al., 2009) .The reason why components that attack prone are associated with the customer is that the components are the most important and the customers are the reason why the software is created. It is hard to determine which class of system is more prone to IT failure than the other since all the system class uses this system.Nowadays, IT systems are everywhere, and business is becoming more dependant on technologies.This has resulted in computer systems becoming more complex due to the growth in IT trends. Therefore, the rate of failure is increasing continuously.

Trends in Information Technology

In the recent years, a new market has been observed, and new technology is being introduced every day, there is a need for companies to adopt this trends to act on the rapidly changing markets.The change will, however, be brought by adopting to this inform, action technology trends in the market.

(Panetta, 2017) Identified the IT trend of 2017 as follows Blockchain: This is a type of a distributed ledger that groups sequentially exchange transactions into blocks.The transaction includes bitcoin and other tokens.This concept is gaining traction because it holds the promise of transforming models of operating industries such as title registry, verification, and music distribution.Controversial systems: they range from voice conversations, bidirectional text or even a simple informal.This systems shifts from where people adapt computers to where the computer hears and adapt to person.this systems do not use voice or text but enable machines and people to use modalities to communicate across device known as digital device mesh example: systems sensors, IOT systems.Service architecture and Mesh app: this is a multichannel solution of architecture, its work is to leverage serverless computing and leverage cloud, microservices containers and events it delivers flexible, modular and dynamic solutions that support multiple users in various roles using this multiple device and thus communicating with multiple networks.Digital technology: This is the digital business's building blocks that are necessary to break into digital.The five mix that every organization will have includes customer experience, information systems, business ecosystem and IOT and the analytical and intelligence.Adaptive security: The development and evolution of digital technology and mesh and application architecture have enhanced security to become adaptive and fluid. Use of user and ]multilayed security and entity behavior will, however, be a requirement for every enterprise.Digital Twin: Combines skilled people and traditional control and devices for monitoring such as pressure gauge.This digital twins and digital representation enable a detailed digital representation for simulation of the digital world, control, and analysis.Machine learning and AL: Includes natural language processing, Neutral network and deep learning technologies can change behaviors.In the bank, they can be used to model current time transactions.Intelligent apps: They include virtual personal assistance they prioritize emails and highlights important interactions and contents.They transform workplace by making work easier.Intelligent things: They are categorized in an autonomous vehicle, drones, and robots.They may act in concert or may communicate with each other to accomplish tasks.Augmented reality and Virtual reality: changes the way in which people interact with software systems and with each other thus creating an environment which is immersive. Example virtual reality can be used in remote experiences and to train augmented reality helps to blend the virtual and real world.

Provision of a better quality information technology system remains a problem and is seen to be getting worse. The IT is getting worse as it is known to be the single largest unplanned downtime source and system failure (Babaolu, 2005).As software is increasingly becoming more complex, it is, however, becoming more difficult and complex to manage and thus becoming prone to bugs. (Stowell, 2012). States that there is doubt in avoiding future IT failures because there is little to suggest and a lot has been learned from past. Reductionist paradigm underpinning this design method is lacking whenever its confronted by requirement and processing that are complex in modern information technology.




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