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Coursework Example on Smoking Policy in a Company

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Sewanee University of the South
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Course work
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As you may know, the city of Milwaukee has mandated us to have a no smoking policy in the company. Therefore, as Imperial Foods, any smoking in the restrooms and the infirmaries is prohibited. The information that may not be taken well by all the members of your departments. Therefore, we have decided to set aside the area close to the parking lot as the designated smoking zone. We are in the process of duly marking it as the smoking zone. Consequently, you must ensure that all the members of your department adhere to this directive. It will help in dealing with the conflict between the smokers and the non-smokers in your department.

The personnel in your department are required to ensure that they always maintain a nonsmoking area which is two-thirds of the seating capacity of all the areas they share with the nonsmokers. These include the cafeteria, lunchrooms, and the employee lounges.

Lastly, you are required to set up department committees that will deal with the smoking conflicts amongst the smokers and the nonsmokers. The boards must mediate the dispute before a complaint reaches my office. The committee must have a representative from both parties and a chairperson.

This is a good policy because it helps to maintain order in the office. Furthermore, it protects the nonsmokers from the health problems that may arise due to being passive smokers. The policy further helps to ensure that issues are settled amicably before they erupt into serious complaints which may require disciplinary proceedings. Consequently, it will maintain a good relationship amongst the employees and promote teamwork. It will lead to a better and healthier working condition for all the personnel which may motivate them to give the best output.

Ensure you put these measures into consideration immediately.


As I wrote this memo, I took into consideration various factors. I was specific on the individuals whom the memo was directed to. It would help to stop any case of the memo landing in the hands of an unwanted individual. I also used simple and concise language to ensure that the recipients understood the memo. Also, I was particular on the steps that should be taken to avert any case of confusion on the recipients side. As I formulated this memo, I looked at the best interest of the company and the employees. I decided not to infringe on the rights of the smokers by totally prohibiting them from smoking in the premises as it may be a demotivating factor. I therefore provided them with an alternative. In addition, I acknowledged that it might not be accepted immediately by all the personnel. So, I came up with a conflict resolution mechanism that is advantageous to all disputing parties. Mediation was the best mode of conflict resolution as it allows for the parties to be in charge of the whole process. The members of the committee will only ensure that the parties follow due process. The committee was also comprised of individuals from both the smokers and the nonsmokers. It would ensure that no party feels shortchanged and unfairly treated. The Chair would act as a neutral party in case the representatives were regarded as partisan.

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