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Essay Example on Gender Theories

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Harvey Mudd College
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According to the perspectives of feminism, it is the use of the power of man that generates the gender inequality, raising that current the question: Where are the women in the decision making? Why is the opinion of women not taken into account, in the fields economic, political, social, cultural, and educational? (Brym & Lie 27) It is the feminist movements that incursion an promoting the visibility of women as a fundamental actor of society, and promoter of generational changes and primary contributions for social transformation.

Among the gender theories we have: Theory of the difference between genders: gender inequality lies in the difference biological, which implies the psychological difference in personality, and the form of relate to the environment (Brym & Lie 7). This includes: basic values and interests, the way of doing value judgments, goal building, literary creativity, sexual fantasies, sense of identity, the general processes of consciousness and individuality, the relationship biological with its biological offspring, the relationship with its same sex; in synthesis all the life experience then the patterns or stereotypes between man and woman arise.

Theory of inequality between genders: this concept is reinforced by society; men and women are located differently and also unequally, since women have less material resources and social status, power and opportunities for self-realization (b) the inequality comes from the same organization of society and not of biological or personality differences (c) vary capabilities and traits but no model distinguishes between the sexes, (d). Men and women respond better before structures and situations with egalitarian conditions (Brym & Lie 27).

Theory of oppression between genders: the gender difference and inequality between genders they are byproducts of patriarchy and a power structure is constituted. Gender inequality has historically been fostered by patriarchy, as a way of universal power that results from the subjugation of women by men, from which capitalism has benefited greatly, being able to establish that the Capitalism cannot function without patriarchy.

Through my participation, I was able to point out that gender discrimination is a backward and harmful practice. It has made the lives of women hard and miserable. Gender discrimination in the workplace leads to the creation of a hostile work environment. It also propagates harassment and violence in the workplace. Gender discrimination is a human rights violation and eliminating it in the workplace will go a long way in curbing the problem.

Work Cited

Brym, Robert J., and John Lie. SOC . Nelson, 2017.

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