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Essay Example: Modification of the Flow of the San Joaquin River in California

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Everyone knows that water is important in almost all sectors. Animals, plants and human beings all need clean water to accomplish their endeavors. Water comes from different sources, and they include, rivers, lakes, oceans, and rain. The sources have different quantities of water, and also the quality differs in almost all aspects. Scientists state that it is always healthy to consume clean water regardless of whether the sources seem to be pure. Building and construction sector needs water which is not as clean as the one that is needed in home cooking and drinking. In that case, there is a need to ensure that the water that flows in San Joaquin River heading to California is clean and perfect for human consumption. This memo deems to highlight some of the problems that come across when people use water directly and henceforth avail some of the recommendations that need to be applied with a mission of ensuring safety concerning the consumption.

San Joaquin River has been flowing into California, and the water that it holds is always not clean (UC Davis Centre, 2017). The only people who benefit from its use are those who need it for non-human consumption. Some people have been reported sick after using the water at home for drinking and cooking purposes. Hospitals have almost all beds full of individuals who have been diagnosed with water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and bilharzia. Having in mind that California is a state that acts as the agricultural powerhouse of the United States, it needs to have clean water for consumption. There are also chemicals that flow into the water, and they lead to the destruction of the vegetative land in California making it lose the production and manufacturing of food.

The current policies regarding the modification of San Joaquin River state that all residential areas around the place need to be demolished to conserve and make it clean (California WaterFix, 2017). There are also policies that have been set aside to deal with the cases of science, technology, and innovation. Such policies intend to fix the water using a science-driven mechanism to have clean and reliable water eventually. The clean water is supposed to protect the environment of California while still leading to a reduction in earthquakes and the climate changes. Some of the policies have been implemented while others have not because there are not enough resources to aid in the facilitation of the programs. Therefore, it is evident that the State of California needs to have a solution that will provide safe and clean water for all the businesses, residents and farms in the area.

The first recommendation that needs to be put in place to deal with the situation is to deploy people who will be monitoring the flow of the water from the source as it gets to California. The reason for monitoring is to ensure that no company or individual disposes of waste into the water. The wastes normally have chemicals that dissolve in the water and make it harmful to human consumption. This recommendation is legit because there will be an assurance that the water is safe and clean. The only con that will arise is that the deployed individuals can be biased to the point of letting the citizens dispose off waste in the water for money.

The other recommendation is that all the citizens of California should come up with ways of recycling the material that they use so that they cannot make the river water vulnerable to pollution. The water serves a better part of California, and that means this initiative will help in ensuring that most of its portions are clean and reliable. The advantage of using this strategy is that it will not only help in conserving the San Joaquin River, but it will also help in ensuring that the air that people breath is also clean as they refrain from using chlorofluorocarbons and items that have sulfur contents (Lisa, 2017). A con of using this strategy is that it is costly and very few people will be able to recycle their wastes.

A major company should be constructed at different points of the river carry out the process of chlorination and purification of the water before it gets to the point of final consumption. Alternatively, the companies should pack the water into cans and ensure that it is exclusively used for human consumption. This move will make the water pure for consumption having that most agricultural firms in California need clean water. A con of using this strategy is that the State might not be a position of availing the funds needed to construct the company that carries out the purification tasks.

By enforcing all these recommendations, there will be an assurance that the people of California will enjoy the benefits of having clean water. The businesses in the area will continue flourishing because they will not be clashing with the requirements of the environment. In addition, the State will continue supplying the people of United States with enough water and food because most of the Americans depend on California agricultural sector.

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