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Essay Example: Importance of Teamwork in an Organization

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Some benefits are realized from working as a team in an organization. Teamwork is required in every organization, because no matter how right a person is some activities and operations are performed best by a team. Working as a team in an organization increases productivity, excellent communication, cohesion, and problem-solving among others.


Effective communication is the import team working in a company. Employees working alone on projects may not develop new information or knowledge. This lengthens the completion of projects, development of solutions and task. Teamwork provides an environment of communication among employees on the task at hand preventing working in opposite directions. For example, if an employee found out that the current method used has a dead end and another employee might be trying to working with that approach, thus productivity decreases. Teamwork boosts communication skills between employees from different background and department. When working as a team, all members need to communicate effectively so that to realize the goals.

Teamwork Increases Productivity

Teamwork especially those working at the point of delivery can boost their productivity rates by realizing the changes that are required to be implemented. This case can be applied to retail division department.


Cohesion is a result of teamwork in a company. It has great significance in building trust, chemistry or working on a project as a group. Cohesiveness makes confidence among employees when contributing to decision making. Cohesion improves the workflow speed of the company.


Everybody learns from one another when they work as a team within a company. Employees can share and learn from each other through information sharing from deferent departments. For example, if the logistics department makes unrealistic demands to another department, through teamwork the logistics department may realize the orders they request is unreasonable.

Problem Solving

Team work put together a combination of minds, makes it possible generate solutions. A single person working on problem experiences his /her personal view. But, when individuals come together, many ideas come together generate unique solution. Problems cannot always be negative. It can be developing service that can be of benefit to a consumer.

Physical Distance

Organisation manager travel frequently, thus their presence at the office is less. This can limit the interaction between employer and employees. But through Morden technology, communication can be facilitated through Skype, emails, and telephone. Even though they are apart at different time zones employees can still get in touch and share ideas. Teamwork in these circumstances shows reliability and trust. Employees trust that his/her workmate will get the work done in their absence.

Different Ethnicities and Background

Teamwork has great significance in various binding employees from different ethnicities and background. This creates a group of people that can see problems differently. Meaning each of the employees can work individually on a task, thus, coming up with one unique solution. But they think with the same objective in mind.

How important is it to be a Team Player

Team players are motivating individuals, who can get along with their employees by working together and boost the productivity of the company. A team player is a confident term which includes skills like knowing when to be a leader when need to be, when to compromise and when to differ with your colleague. Employees need to know the significance of working well with their colleagues either in a new job or current job. The whole company benefits, if individual employees work together to execute a task and accomplish goals. Team players boost employee morale. Team players work together; therefore, improve the confidence of the employees. Team player mobilizes colleagues to work together to share and gain knowledge with one another. By these, employees gain experience to achieve the companys success. Team players create a work environment whereby individuals become more cooperative and as a result increase productivity.


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Employees who learn to be good team players boost job satisfaction. Joyful employees deliver quality results in any given task. They show loyalty to the company as well as to their co-works.

A team player is more involved in coming up with solutions to a problem. They become the manager when they are needed to be and are involved more in making decisions. A good team player will be there to allow his /her colleagues are also included in making any decisions that directly affect the task. A team player knows that making suggestions can bring creative ideas together to accomplish a task and more efficiently solve problems.

Individuals who have excellent interpersonal skills advance in their careers. Team players usually have excellent interpersonal skills which make them successful. Team player emulates exceptional leadership skills, and this comes with other benefits like recognition, promotion and salary increase.


When employees in an organization work as a team, they can diversify skills. With diversified capabilities, employees can solve the problem quickly.


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