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Essay Example: Autism Behavioral Treatments

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We can infer from the observation that Isaac Weaver is deficient in the esteem need, as he tends to seek attention from his mother by eliciting sympathy and frustrations once he lacks some of the physiological needs.

These consequences resulting from lack of the two needs can, however, be addressed through different approaches. Provision of these needs at an early stage can help counter possible chances of autism in future.

All autism patients, be it children or adults are unique and thereby any treatment administered should be tailored to meet definite needs. Behavioral treatments through collaborative family and professionals interventions at an early age are useful tools for treating autism. Therapy sessions offered in specialized setups such as classrooms and pre-schools is useful in addressing autism in toddlers and preschool children.

Scientific research shows that exhaustive behavioral intervention helps improve interaction, social skills and communication skills among children. Interactive learning reduces chances of autism. This type of intervention focuses on the core areas affected by autism such motor skills, social skills, language and communication skills and daily living. With therapy, the child receives therapeutic activities guided by specific learning objectives. These programs afford the children an opportunity to interact, learning from typically developing peers.

Parents should as well strive to provide their children with these needs that Abraham Maslow considers basic. They should also be present in their childrens lives to see them through the series of transformation, growth, and development to identify their needs. Lack of common needs like that of love and belonging and self-esteem appears to trigger the development of psychological disorders. These tend to make the children withdrawn and isolate themselves from other peers.

Isaac Weavers condition can be corrected through the use of therapy and behavioral intervention and further supplemented through the provision of these needs that are insufficient. Objective learning and interactive association with other peers will also reduce autism in this child. This observation paper emphasizes the need of sufficiently providing the basic needs to children both at their infantile and even teenage years.



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