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Essay Sample on Rude Pharmacy Assistant

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Following the observations made by the manager of SOS Pharmacy, it would be crucial for the manager to warmly welcome Ruby probably with a cup of coffee. They need to engage in brief conversation to unveil if Ruby is experiencing some social, mental, emotional or perhaps problems related to the work place or home places. Considering Ruby is an abrupt person, this thought process will help the manager become aware of probable issues affecting her. Similarly, the thought process will calm and psychologically prepare Ruby for an abrupt meeting with the manager.

Once the impression has been created, the manager will probably have to mentioned to her briefly about her request for a job promotion with additional responsibilities. Before opening up the discussion about her conduct at the workplace, the manager informs Ruby of basic requirements for upward mobility within the pharmacy and the field at large.

Dress code - Referencing from the employees code of conduct, the general outlook of pharmacists requires one to be clean, smart, well-groomed and neatly dressed while on duty. For the safety of the professionals, shoes should be closed, comfortable and freely promote support and movement. The manager will inform her that he has observed with great concern that her uniform is stained and wrinkly with a shirt that is never tucked in. Her hair is always unattended. It will be polite to remind her that this dressing behavior contravenes SOS Pharmacys Policy on Personnel presentation. (Salari et. al., 2013).

Duty attendance and punctuality

The manager will have to remind Ruby to attend to her duties regularly and on time as guided by pharmacies code of conduct. Though this does not affect her so much, it would be prudent to let her know that she has this weakness at the beginning of shifts, after breaks and after meals. It would be kind enough to mention that this has a direct negative impact on colleagues and customers. Let her further know that attending to duties and responsibilities on time forms a basis of integral job performance.


The manager will remind Ruby that the profession exposes them to various details about the patients some of which require them to treat it as confidential information that must not be discussed or mentioned to unauthorized persons. The manager will have to inform her that she has been abusing this privilege to unlimited access to customers health condition and medication like in the case of Mr. Smith, their neighbor at home, medication. She discloses to her mother. As though the insult to the injury is not enough, she goes ahead and reveals details of Carols medicines to her mother. This is not only uncouth but also against her signed code of secrecy and confidentiality relating to customers drug therapy. It is desirable for the manager to remind Ruby that breaching this oath of privacy attracts severe penalties including termination of service and withdrawal of practicing certificate. (Black, 2015).Customer Relations The manager will remind Ruby that they are in business to serve customers satisfactorily. That regardless of their age, gender, whether they are first time customers or regular, whether friendly or arrogant they should be treated with utmost respect an positive attitude. (Williams et. al., 2015). The manager should ask Ruby to be patient with customers since they in the real sense their direct employers. Their visit to the pharmacy immensely contributes to the existence and success. The manager should inform her that he has noted some instances where she has failed to observe this relation like she has been rude when directing customers. She has always failed to politely request customers to seek assistance from the pharmacys customer service employee. The manager will have to advise her accordingly to treat customers with kindness and also direct them to the relevant counters during instances that she may not be able to handle appropriately. It would be essential for the manager to enlighten Ruby that failure to uphold a high degree of customer relations also lowers her dignity as a health provider, the dignity of the customer and the overall reputation of the firm.

Professional misconduct and incompetence

The manager should inform Ruby that he has noted a grave concern regarding her professional conduct and competence. Referring to the handbook on non-maleficence principle, pharmacist or any healthcare provider must not cause harm to patients. The case of Mr. Jim Thayer senior and junior is a grave example the manager should mention to Ruby. Ruby prescribed Cimetidine - an ulcer drug to Mr. Jim Jr instead which was meant for his father instead Ranitidine for his allergic condition. Her incompetence is also evident in the case of Jill St. Pierre where she administers prescription medication 14 days before the due date. Worse even is that she administers Triquilar instead of Triphasil and she seems not to differentiate saying, after all, they are both birth control pills. The case of the patient who had sought reassurance by the pharmacist about the herbal section and was verbally harassed by Ruby should not go unmentioned by the manager. This conduct is unwelcomed and against professional conduct and competence. The manager will emphasize to Ruby to always give accurate prescriptions, apply the skills and abilities correctly when giving dosages and consult when in doubt. This will help her correct the many mistakes being corrected by the pharmacist. (Salari et. al., 2013).Team Spirit The manager will remind that while at the premise they are one family working as a team to achieve common intents of customer satisfaction, employee welfare and grow the business. This can only be achieved when they work as a team. As employees of the same organization, they should be willing and ready to support every other department when the need arises. Ruby should be reminded that when the ship carrying supplies came in, she was requested to offer a helping hand, but she refused, claiming that it is not her duty but rather Joeys. Also, previously, she had been requested to help in processing third-party insurance claims, a request she turns down claiming that was Marys job description. It would be prudent to remind of her friction with the head technician and that the behavior is growing old impatient with the colleagues.

Pharmacy property

The manager should inform Ruby that suggesting to take property belonging to the firm outside the premise for personal financial gain contradicts the act of possession or control of property belonging to the pharmacy. Ruby will remember indicating to the head technician in the presence of customers that she could take drugs out of the pharmacy to the streets and reap thousands of dollars in a single day. The manager will make it clear to Ruby that such an image is evil and ill-advised.

At this level of discussion, Ruby will have gathered more than enough senses. The manager should ask provoking questions that will help them conclude. For instance, the manager may ask, given the instances mentioned above, do you think you belong this profession? Do you see you realize the risks you have caused yourself, the manager and the pharmacy owner in the hands of the patients? Do you still hold you need to meet the boss on Friday? Do you feel you are ready for promotion and added responsibilities? What do you think can be done to assist improve your service delivery? Hopefully, from this discussion, Ruby will indeed have identified her numerous mistakes, the grave risks she has posed to many customers, as well as the business enterprise at large. The reality that has dawned on her will compel her to reflect on herself and her profession. She will pray the Fridays meeting with the owner of the pharmacy will happen at a future date when she will have taken corrective measures.

At this final stage of the discussion, the manager will appreciate Ruby for her patience and participation and expressed willingness. As she continues with her duties, the manager will wish her the very best in her endeavors looking forward to a changed for the best Ruby.



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