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Research Paper Example: Water Overuse in the UAE

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Research paper
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UAE Minister of Energy Suhail states that UAE presently consumes twelve points three times its resources capabilities which include arable land, fish, and water. Resource reduction is the consumption of a reserve faster than it can be refilled. However, resources are divided between non-renewable and renewable resources. Thus, use of either of these type of resources beyond their percentage of replacement is reflected resource reduction. Also, misuse of natural resources used in allusion to mining, consumption of fossil fuels, land and fishing.

Severe depletion of the available water resource threatened UAE. According to EIB report dated 2005, UAE had the uppermost per capita consumption of water in the universe. Thus, misuse has caused the earth water table to drop about one meter per annum over the last thirty years. Groundwater requires more attention in UAE than other resources. Subsequently, groundwater is the leading conservative water resource providing about fifty-one percent of the nation wants namely irrigation with the inadequate amount used for drinking (Ozcevik, 2015). Also, purified water provide about thirty-seven percent mostly for drinking water and irrigation in some regions as well. Besides that, treated wastewater or reclaimed water accounts for approximately twelve percent and primarily used for irrigation. Moreover, the agrarian segment is the leading water consumer using about thirty-four percent of the overall while industrial water and domestic divisions use about thirty percent. On the other hand, facilities use eleven percent, forestry fifteen percent and losses account for eight percent.

Water table level in parts of the UAE has dropped by as much as sixty meters according to research done by UAE University. However, a researcher cautioned that provisions of groundwater could run out by year twenty thirty because of demand from local water and agriculture use.

Solution to water depletion

Water security linked to food security, and it is a top major significance for UAE government. Natural resources are being checked and managed through the use of combined management approaches and regular survey of underground water reservoirs. However, other sources are being discovered to reduce the pressure of groundwater resource. Also, recycled wastewater used for farm irrigation, and aeroponics or aquaponics techniques are also reflected to cut down demand for groundwater in agriculture (Khan, 2014). Preservation is essential in agriculture segment as it consumes most of the underground water resources. Besides, purification is significant in the manufacture of potable drinking water that is safe and clean for use in agriculture and domestic purposes.

Water shortage affects UAE social and economic potential, upsurge land susceptibility to salinization, desertification and increases the risk for political engagement around the low water availability. Also, it put UAE at agricultural threat and led to a saline interruption in aquifers near to the sea (UNESCO 2012).

Human activities bring about water shortage through misappropriation, populace growth, and low access. Folks bring about water insufficiency by contaminating and misusing current supplies. Community awareness of the requirement to manage and protect water had been taken into thought as well as public awareness on the significance of the rational use of water among inhabitants (Amery, 2015). Thus water establishes the prosperity of the state and responsibility of individual is to inhibit its exploitation so that its misuse is conserved for the future cohort. Initiation of water preservation campaigns is essential in preventing water problem. The connection of various devices and water saving systems to avoid water shortage should be made compulsory for the different organization as well as formulating pricing device for water use.



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