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Coursework Example: Peplau's Interpersonal Nursing Theory

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Interpersonal relations model by Hildegard Peplau is one of the nursing theory that has significantly impacted on my nursing goals and values. The interpersonal relations stipulated in this principle involves the client and the nurse as well as the duties accomplished by the nurse throughout the process. The interpersonal theory categorizes the association between the patient and the nurse into four phases: Orientation, identification, exploitation and resolution phases (Forchuk, 2009). The orientation stage begins at the moment the patient and the nurse meet, as strangers. Under this situation, the client is seeking help through asking of different questions related to the condition of his or her health. This is an indication that the patient is conveying needs that need to be satisfied by the nurse.

In the second phase, the nurse is compelled to utilize professional assistance when seeking alternative solutions to the clients problem. According to Peplaus assertions, the nurse is expected to implement appropriate interview techniques to facilitate extraction, exploration, and understanding of the problem. While under the resolution phase, there is an abandonment of professional relationship for interpersonal relations (Forchuk, 2009). This is an indication that patients needs have been met through collaborative efforts of a patient and nurse. Throughout these phases, it is demonstrated that Peplaus interpersonal nursing theory perceives nursing as a maturing force which is achieved through personality development. This can be enhanced by adoption of interpersonal process, therapeutic actions and educational approaches.

Explain how nurses apply the identified theory from part A to implement excellent nursing practices.

Patient safety embodies high-quality health care. Apparently, nurses are vital towards the provision of surveillance and coordination of healthcare services which facilitate the realization of best possible outcomes in the delivery of nursing care to the patients. There are different approaches that Peplaus interpersonal nursing theory can be applied to enhance the implementation of the excellent nursing practices. Application of the interpersonal nursing theory can be utilized in improving patient safety (Kelly & Armstrong, 2015). Developing a close relationship between the nurse and the patient minimizes the occurrences of treatment errors which are a hindrance to the delivery of excellent care to the patients. Effective communication in nursing is another best practice that can be drawn from Peplaus interpersonal nursing theory. This model emphasizes nurse-client relations as well as therapeutic process, thus advocating for the nurses to utilize appropriate communication approaches that can enhance the treatment of a patient.

Discuss how the identified theory from part A fits your professional practice

Peplaus interpersonal nursing theory focuses on the nurse-patient relationships. The model portrays the role of the nurse as a therapeutic force in such associations, which is critical in the treatment outcomes of the patient. As a nursing profession, I often encounter scenarios where therapeutic relations are supposed to be created to facilitate the treatment process. For instance, in an incidence where the client has suffered sexual violence, the nurse-client relationship will be established.

Identify the contributions of two historical nursing figures in the nineteenth or twentieth century.

Florence Nightingale and Margaret Sanger are historical figures who had significant contributions towards the nursing profession.

Compare the differences in contributions of the two historical figures identified in part B.

Florence Nightingale and Margaret Sanger had different contributions as far as delivery of health care services are concerned.

Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale is referred to as the founder of the current nursing due to the critical role she played in improving and developing health care. Nightingale had the passion for helping and caring for the poor. Before her entry, the nursing profession had been overlooked as a low-status or unimportant job due to inadequate training. However, Nightingales efforts ensured that nursing profession was transformed into a respectable career through improvement of its standards integrating education and accountability in the delivery of nursing tasks (Carraro & Frello, 2013). Nightingales contributions were also crucial in the improvement of hospitals. During Crimean War, there was dirtiness and decline of hygienic levels of military hospitals. Nightingale focused on adopting measures that advocated for improvement in sanitation and establishment of higher sanitary and safety standards. Nightingale played a significant role in improving nursing education. She wrote a textbook entitled: Nursing which provided principles and guidelines for the nursing profession. Nightingale opened a nursing school in the 1960s, attesting her resilience towards the improvement of nursing education and values.

Margaret Sanger

Margaret Sanger is another iconic figure in the nursing field. She is considered to be the pioneer of birth control. She championed for the acknowledgment of womens rights to have a child, or a child is wanted. Margarets legacy in nursing will always be associated with fighting for women to gain reproductive freedom (Wardell, 1980). She also promoted nursing codes of ethics by doing what she believed was right.

Describe how the contributions of the two historical figures influence your professional nursing practice.

The contributions of Florence Nightingale and Margaret Sanger have significantly influenced my professional nursing practices. Just like Nightingale was passionate towards the sick and needy, I am passionate towards the patients when delivering nursing services. I believe in the empowerment of nurses through education and training to ensure they are accountable and efficient in their service delivery. Margarets contributions have also booted my nursing practices. I apply the values and ethics she promoted during her era. I also champion for the respect of patients rights which include receiving excellent treatment outcomes and the right to make sound decisions regarding their health.

Explain the functional differences between the State Board of Nursing and the American Nurses Association (ANA).

Define the roles of these two organizations

State Board of Nursing (SBN)

State Board of Nursing (SBN) is a body bestowed with duties of licensing and regulating nursing practices through the setting of standards and guidelines for safe nursing care. As the state agency, SBN key functional role is defining the scope or range of practice for nurses within a given jurisdiction. Another function of SBN is issuing nursing licenses to the candidates who are deemed qualified for the task. Through the issuance of licenses, SBN assures the public that nurses are competent and experts in their field of operation (Exstrom, 2001). The SBN is also responsible for the renewal of nursing licenses as well as taking disciplinary measures when needed. Another function of SBN is to authorize the application of licensing examinations, approving education programs for nursing which adhere to the established criteria and provision of advice and directions to the legislature regarding the definition of the legal scope of various nursing practices within a particular state.

American Nurses Association (ANA)

American Nurses Association (ANA) is a national organization bestowed with tasks of representing and advocating for the welfare of registered nurses. ANAs primary role is to improve nursing standards and promoting the overall well-being of nursing professionals such economic welfare at their place of work. ANA also projects a positive, realistic and achievable perceptions and objectives of nursing which is achieved through lobbying the legislature and other regulatory bodies on healthcare issues which impact on nurses and the public at large (Barbara, 2011). ANA improves nursing profession by setting high standards which facilitate excellent nursing practices. For instance, ANA enhances the quality of care through the establishment of the systems which ensure nurse deliver healthcare services in a credible and accountable manner. Another functionality of ANA is the provision of expansion and accessibility of continuing training and education in nursing.

Explain how these two organizations influence your nursing practice

State Board of Nursing (SBN) and American Nurses Association (ANA) have a significant influence on my nursing practices. After becoming a registered nurse, I must understand the scope of my nursing practice within the jurisdiction. I intend to comply with all regulations of the SBN to enhance my chances and qualifications of obtaining a nursing license. As a way of avoiding being disqualified as per the requirements of SBN, I am often engaged in continuous learning to advance my nursing skills and competencies.

On another hand, American Nurses Association (ANA) has inspired me to continue exploring various opportunities in the field of nursing. ANA advocates for the welfare of the nursing professionals across the US. ANA aims at improving nursing standards and promoting the overall well-being of nursing professionals such economic welfare at their place of work. Such instances of ANA have increased my passion towards nursing profession since it gives me the sense of belonging and security while embarking on nursing practices.

Explain the requirements for professional license renewal in your state.

Renewal licensure in my state is dependent on the accomplishment of particular requirements. Before the renewal of the license, one is supposed to have completed at least 960 hours of RN-licensed nursing practices in the past two years. The candidate is also needed to accomplish a refresher course as approved by the board. The candidate is also expected to have acquired an advanced nursing degree in at least past five years. A candidate who meets these requirements attests that he or she possess the needed skills and competency levels which are crucial in the delivery of nursing services.

Failure to maintain license requirements for a candidate is associated with consequences which can bar an individual from obtaining a license. For instance, if one has been involved in felony convictions, he or she will be denied licensure, especially if such charges have not been disclosed to the board (Arizona State Board of Nursing, 2014). Upon the submission of the application, the board sends a deficiency notice to the applicant. The deficiency note identifies the elements on the application for the license which have not fulfilled the required conditions. Failure to respond to this note within the specified period can result in the withdrawal of the application.

Compare the differences between registered nursing license requirements in a compact state versus a non-compact state.

Compact State Nursing

The eligibility of Compact Nursing License (NLC) requires a registered nurse (RN) to meet particular conditions. Some of these requirements include being a legal resident of compact states. He or she should also pose an active RN nursing license within their state of legal residence. RNs are also required to proclaim the NLC state where they legally live to act as their primary state of residency. Acquisition of the NLC needs an RN to fulfill the licensure requirements as stated in their respective home states (Travel Nurse Career, 2017). The NLC requirements do not involve Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs).

Non-Compact State Nursing

Currently, about 26 sta...

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