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Coursework Example: Businesses' Responsibilities

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Middlebury College
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Course work
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Corporate responsibility toward consumer stakeholders

Businesses provide a lot of products, and it is their responsibilities to ensure that the products are safe for consumption. They should ensure that consumer rights are protected and consumer agencies laws are followed.

Ethical responsibility

Bossiness faces some ethical issues especially while advertising various products. Various controversial issues might arise in advertising and this case; businesses should ensure that advertising is not deceptive or contributes to creating harm to customers. Businesses should have fair business practices for employees such as equal pay.

Environmental responsibility

Businesses have a responsibility of protecting the environment by taking steps to reduce, air, land and water pollutions (Weiss, 2014). How might different types of leaders view the importance of socially responsible programs?

Social responsibilities enhance the relationship between the businesses and the surrounding that comprise of customers who are major stakeholders. If there is a good relationship, a business can easily sell their products without any difficulties.

Discuss a few of the ethical pros of implementing social responsibility programs in organizations

Social responsibility programs impact the community positively. Businesses are encouraged to act ethically and consider the social and environmental influences of their business. For example, corporate responsibility in advertising whereby businesses ensures that children are protected, tobacco adverts are ethical, and alcohol adverts should target the elderly. They also support public value, which about the value that businesses contribute to the society. The programs further enhance the relationship with customers as they strengthen ties and foster strong working relationship(Weiss, 2014).

Which of the sections (5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5) did you find most interesting? Why?

The most interesting part was 5.3 which talks about controversial issues in advertising specifically the internet, children, tobacco, and alcohol. Simply because the section talks about controversial issues that remain unsettled in the society today. Talk about advertising internet and cell phones which continues to cause ethical problems for parents as they try to protect their children from advertisement dealings with sex, violence, pornography among others(Weiss, 2014).

How will the content help you in your personal or professional life?

I work with one of the local newspaper, and I think the content has impacted my professional life. Looking at the statistics about alcohol advertising and tobacco smoking, the figure speaks for themselves. As such, am going to dedicate my time and spare a section of the newspaper where I will sensitizing people every on the issue related to alcohol and smoking.



Weiss, J.W. (2014). Business ethics: A stakeholder and issues management approach. Berret-Koehler Publishers


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