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Fashion Question Essay

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What aspect of the retail environment do you think is most challenging and multifaceted to retailers today?

Data and data management is a major aspect of the retail environment that is creating challenges for many retailers because the increased availability of data has made the customers have very high expectations. Therefore, product information management is a significant priority, and the retailers should continuously seek technological approaches of providing information to the consumers and also ensure that they render high-quality products to meet the high expectations caused by high information availability to the consumers (Kumar et al., 2017).

How have these rich bouquets of color and or brush strokes continue to influence fashion designers?

Art continues to inspire many fashion designs as many fashion design copy designs and patterns from art to create new and trendy fashion designs. The bush stroke prints continue to create the most elegant and artistic expressions in fashion. During different seasons art inspires fashion to create clothes that have high creativity and a depth of inspiration to match the beauty that lies in simplicity (Artist-Inspired Clothing).

The brush strokes when used in fashion creativity form patterns that are able to attract fashion consumers depending on the prevailing season. Brush strokes can be used to complement other colors and embellish simple silk into a beautiful outfit. Blending fashion with bush strokes creates distinctive, powerful prints that can be able to define the wearer cultural and also create individual signature especially for the celebrities in pop culture (Healey et al., 2004).

Impressionist Art and Fashion

Post-impressionists art has played a significant role in the development of modern fashion. Modern fashion creators are using post-impressionists art to create trendy fashion products. The primary similarity between impressionist art and modern fashion products is their composition, and the adoption of impression art in fashion improves their ability to catch the attention of the consumers. Adoption of impressionist art colors improves pictorial balance, focal point and the asymmetry of the resulting fashion products which can appeal to consumers more (Gatys et al., 2017).



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