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Choosing an Internet Service Provider

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There are several Internet Service Providers (ISP) that the athletic department can opt for but get the best service provider, they have to consider various things (Heckmann 25). While choosing an ISP, the people in charge need to review all the available options and select the package the suits their requirements. The process of picking ISP may be hectic and frustrating, but when done in the right manner, it will present a good result. Following the current quick changes in the tech market, several factors have been put forward for the consumers to consider before purchasing an ISP.

The first process of determining the best internet service provider for the department is by understanding different types of internet services available. Some of this ISP include Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Cable broadband, Fiber optic service (FiOS) and Satellite ("Ultimate Guide to Choosing an Internet Service Provider"). Since one can never find all these internet services in all areas, I would look for those available with the region where the school is located.

Second is the availability of internet service providers within the area. You may find ISP that has the fastest speed, but if the company does not service your region, it would be of no use ("Voting Multidimensional Data and Selecting Best Service Provider Using QOS" 15). It is from the available ISP within the school location that the quickest service should be taken. Therefore, I would research some of the ISP companies that render services within the region.

The third process is to compare the available ISP within that location. Getting the best offer for the athletic program would mean visiting a comparison website like (Pinola). With the help of the information from this site, I would be able to select the best internet provider regarding download and upload speed, cost and contract, reliability, terms of services, customer support, add-on and unique features.

Download and upload speed

All internet users desire ISP with the fastest pace. Being a college athlete department, they would want to communicate with the members of the team. Following advancement in technology, most communications are done online hence they deserve the best internet provider with the fastest speed to carry out their activities efficiently. Considering the available ISP within the area, I would compare their rates and select the quickest one.


The best internet service should always be available whenever you need it (Pinola). The quality of the ISP is of great importance to avoid disappointments. Following the upcoming intercollege competition, the department requires reliable internet services that would enable them to operate efficiently without any failure due to a weak internet connection.

Cost and contract

The consumers must always consider the value of the services provided by these companies. One need to ensure that the value of the services corresponds to the quality of the ISP. They should ensure the price suits the contract to avoid some multi-charges that the company may put on the consumers (Heckmann 27). With this comparison, the clients will be able to choose ISP with the most favourable cost and contract.

Price per Mbps.

Just like any other organisation, the school would like cost-effective services. This price should include all the additional monthly charges. The department will, therefore, prepare to incur all the expenses that come with it.

Finally, the client would have to choose internet provider based on the information above. Of all the ISP available I would make sure that I select a local service provider that would meet all the needs of the department.


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