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Charles M. Blow: Trump Is a Racist - Essay Sample

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Logos which is an appeal to logic and utilizes persuasion by reasoning has been generously employed in the above editorial. In the very start, Blow argues about how vain it is for him to debate about racism when it is so plainly in existence (Blow, 2018 p.1). In this case, he has employed logos as his appeal to the public is indeed logical. This is especially for the black community who tend to think and reasons like him. Furthermore, to those who have experienced racism in the recent past or are experiencing it would be in tandem with Charles Blow.

A second instance in which logos has been used is seen where Charles admonishes that Donald Trumps actions, words, and deeds over the course of his life have shown a progressive pattern of racial prejudice against brown or black people (Blow, 2018. p.2). Hereby Charles argues that Donald Trump has visibly and publicly declared his hostile intentions towards people of color and other races, hence a bigot. He further argues that Trumps action and deeds should not be sugar-coated as not being a part of who he is entirely as a man and as a human being (Blow, 2018. p.3). That is because that is exactly who Trump the persona is, with no qualms nor inhibitions: a racist.

An ethos which is an appeal to ethics and is a means of convincing someone of the character or credibility of the persuader has also been used by Charles Blow. A good example is where he states that he believes, the debates on racism do render the simplicity of the whole notion complex thus making the very definition of racism questionable (Blow, 2018, p.1).

Secondly, the Blow uses ethos when he quotes that his life in entirety he has never seen nor heard Trump having apologized for, seek absolution or repent for any of his blatantly racist remarks or deeds (Blow, 2018, p.2).

The author has made use of pathos as his rhetorical appeal in that he has aimed at peoples emotions with the aim of eliciting emotional responses in return. Pathos is visible in the statement which follows as racism does not need conscious awareness, hatred or a constant expression. We would like for it to not be foundational but fringe. However, we cannot wish it away! The solution is to face this vice, overcome and fight it completely (Blow, 2018, p.2).

In a similar manner, the author has taken advantage of people emotions by stating that it is factual that Trump is not the first racist president. There have been other candidates in office just like him. The suggestion is if for some miracle his is able to finish his first term in office, he should not be given a second term. Voters of good will and conscience must vote him out come 2020 (Blow, 2018, p.2).

In both cases above, the author has effectively used pathos and in my opinion, he has done so with ease and grandeur. The first instance, the author is appealing to his audience to fight racism like the way one would engage an enemy in battle. Secondly, the author once again calls the masses to action by encouraging them to uproot and rid the society of racial demagogues. Hence both scenarios would clearly bring forth emotional responses from a people as they carry emotional appeal in them too.


Blow, M. Charles. Trump Is a Racist: Period. Opinion/ OP-ED Columnist. New York Times, Jan 14, 2018.

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