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Essay Example on Nigeria

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Sewanee University of the South
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Annual income (purchasing power parity):

Nigeria's GDP per Capita, when adjusted by the Purchasing Power Parity, is equal to 31% of the world's average. The 2016 GDP (Purchasing Power Parity, PPP) in Nigeria is USD 1.09 trillion ("Map: Nigeria's Rapid Rise." 2017).

Occupation: Not Employed (under age)

Despite being a middle-income country, with the mixed economy as well as the emerging market, together with the expanding service, manufacturing, technology, entertainment and communication, there are other challenges that affect Nigeria, and specifically Anwulia, the person that I represent in the global village.

Corruption is considered as the back of the problem that Nigeria encounters and it is one of the factors that hinder many forms of development. Corruption is not only in the political arena, but it has also extended into the education systems that might critically affect Anwulia. The educational institutions are not equipped with the necessary resources that will benefit the students' education. The education curriculum is based more on the theoretical skills rather than the practice ones. Therefore, the graduates are neither equipped with skills that will make them secure a job.Nigeria has the poor infrastructure when it comes to the power supply, the corruption has crept into the management of the entire power sector, and the workers are not provided with the required skills or training for their work. It has made it difficult for the companies and institutions to operate in Nigeria due to the frequent power failures. Embezzlement of the public funds has positioned the roadways into despair; the World Bank estimated that 33% of the unpaved roads and 67% of the paved roads are in a good or fair condition.

Nigeria has the most mediocre health and environment condition. In 2013, the World Factbook announced that Nigeria had experienced hundreds of oil skills annually in the Niger Delta. The pollutions ruin the community farm soil and fish in the Niger Delta. Also, there is another adverse issue with the people's health; many patient lack access to effective medicines and reliable health practitioners to handle their health issues.

Furthermore, terrorism posed by Boko Haram is another factor that affects Nigeria as a country, beginning with the destruction of properties, killing of the innocent life, economic sabotage and the kidnapping of the people such as 276 Chibouk school girls for ransom.



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