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Character of John Morin Scott. Research Paper Example.

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Middlebury College
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Research paper
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Since I was born in an elite family, I believe that my views towards social structure will be one that leans towards social class. My outlook towards life will be based on the way society perceives different issues related to rich and poor. I would also have a positive attitude towards career developments due to the opportunities that I received as a young man in education (Dunkak 2012). Having attended prestigious schools and attained a degree in law, I probably would have believed in being employed more than doing business. It is also possible that since I was brought up in a society that is dominated by male chauvinism, I would also grow up in believing men are superior to women. Although I have a degree in law, I do not believe this would have made me look at women differently. However, being brought up by a single mother it would probably have made my characters a little less chauvinistic than the rest of the society. The strict upbringing would probably have made my character believe in the importance of family structure such as marriage and kids. The upbringing at the time would probably have affected my thinking on the issue.

Having been born in a Christian family and surrounded by many Christians, I believe my character will be that of a religious person. Although I may not be a practicing Christian, I think my character would have believed in some kind of supernatural power. I think some of the deal breakers that my character would not have compromised on family value. I also believe my character would have a strong opinion about education having being brought up and given some of the good education his parent could afford.

Having grown up in a government system that was oppressive, my character would have been opposed to such kind of governance from an early age. The groups that advocated for freedom from the British would have been of great interest to my character. Between 1757 and 1762 my character was recognized as a leader of a radical movement that was opposed to the British rule. My violent behavior towards the ruling class made me lose provision assembly elections but I did not relent. I believe my constant relentless towards agitating for freedom has been motivated by education background as well as the need to see people being free.

People joined the patriotic front for many reasons such as a desire for freedom, adventure, personal reason, and ideology. Having grown up under the colonial rule, I believe my character would have joined the patriotic front because of his ideology, the need for freedom and personal reasons. The high education attained would have played a key role in shaping my characters and influencing how I reason (Gray and Kamensky 2015). I believe my character would have questioned the way the colonial government works and disagreed with its oppressive system of rule.

The desire to see my people free would also have made my character join the patriotic group to agitate for freedom. However, there might have been other personal reason that could have prompted my character to join the resistance. Having been brought up by a single mother, my character would probably have been that of resilience and believed in questioning the status quo and not doing what one found others doing.


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