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Paper Example on Job Analysis

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Job analysis is the process undertaken by an organization head of department to understand the role taken in that job and also the requirement to get the output.

Principles and Purpose of Job Analysis.

Job analysis has its importance in an organization as well; it gives job specifications, where the analysis is used to provide qualifications, and skills required to get that particular job in work. Study helps to plan training and development; this is when there is an improvement in the department hence employees trained on using the improved skills (Yun, Kim & Jung, 2013). The analysis also helps in reporting and accountability, where every employee is accounted for in reporting and thus be able to know their performance. The report also supports safety employees in the workplace; this is by ensuring employees protected from harmful chemicals and dangerous equipment in the workplace. (Allam, 2007)

Purpose of job analysis is to assess the target of an employee, then be able to know the output of an employee and the cost used to train the employee for the job. Also helps in performance analysis, this is whether the particular goals and objectives were met. Job analysis also helps in job designing; this is done by cutting cost and maximizing human output. Training and development is another purpose; the expected and actual production determines the level of training need by the employees. Another use is performance analysis, where jobs objectives and goals established if they met through job analysis. The report also helps in the compensation management, where it determines the role of each employee and hence can know how to pay the employees (Zhou, 2014).

Different Methods of Job Analysis

There are three methods of job analysis which include; Observation method, Interview method and, Questionnaire method. Their similarities are they are all used for the same purpose in knowing the requirement and performance and also an output of the job done. The plans also help in sorting or giving the specific qualifications needed for a particular task. Observation method, this where a job analysis observes an employee and records all the duties that performed and unperformed. Interview method, in this an employee is interviewed, and they give their techniques of working. Questionnaire method, where the questionnaires filled by employees and the managers about the work done. The survey can be a biases method of observation.

A Plan to Undertake a Job Analysis.

participants Methods of data collection Mode of administration Time for the analysis

Staff members

face to face interviews Interviews conducted using questionnaires Evening after work

Administration representatives observations questionnaires Given questionnaires to fill Evening after work

Results from SWOT analysis performed at work place

Internal Environment:

Strengths Weaknesses

Excellent customer services.

Customer loyalty

Excellent moral and ethical conduct among employees

Popular and outstanding reputation

High customer return rates

Relatively high outputs

Market stability

Poor concentration in marketing on social media

Struggles to meet deadlines due to work load

Poor record keeping

Data from market research maybe out of date

External Environment:


Out-of-date technology trends

Potential customers on social changes

Potential market untapped markets

Unqualified and inexperienced employees

Upcoming stiff competition

Economy downturn hence people have low

Analysis: In our findings in job analysis, we found that the primary purpose is to give job description and job requirements which help in hiring the right employees. It also helps to get people with write skill of job. Job analysis helps to provide the maximum or the target of the output to every employee in an organization. The employees will perform the analysis used in the selection of employees and also their salaries compensation, training, and many other the marketing job where we did the job analysis, the marketing job in our organization. The employees have enough equipment this helps in maximizing the human output in our body. We saw that the job analysis we use different methods in analyzing. In our marketing job we used the interview and the questionnaire method, where the questionnaire supported the interview method through the question involved. Also, we found that in our analysis methods we are not recommended to use the surveys since can be biased. Also in our finding the managers are supposed to cooperate and be involved in the analysis. In our plan, we employ everyone who is required, and their confidentiality and writes are essential in writing our plan. Our study was analyzed using the SWOT analysis, in this; we found the strength of our organization, weakness and how to make them our power. Further, we saw our opportunity where we can venture more and expand our team. Lastly, we found our threat which we experience as an organization and how to overcome the risks. ("Job Insecurity: A Comprehensive Integration of Research Findings," 2017)

Make Recommendations to Meet Organizational Requirements

In job description, the details of job should include in the analysis of duty in more detailed information. Also, the person specification regarding skills and qualification should be specific and direct. The learning and development need should include in the analysis just after any changes done. Safety of the employees was another measure that might need to consider in the job analysis.

In conclusion, the process of job analysis should be considered as an essential activity in any organization for the maximization of the individual outputs. It also helps the body in planning their events and knowing every detail of work plan.


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