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Addressing Terrorism: US Labels Elite Iran Force a Foreign Terrorist Org.

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Terrorism is a severe problem in our society. The issue of dealing with it is a fragile one; with a small mistake leading to a series of killing. Terrorism should, therefore, be carefully addressed to avoid fueling its growth. Matthew Lee wrote an article "The US labels elite Iran force a foreign terrorist organization," showing how a particular action regarding terrorism can affect different institution and the peace that existed in a given region. The author points out different reactions from the US decision of naming IRGC as a terrorist group and the impact of the decision.

President Trump stated that Iran is known for sponsoring terrorism and IRGC finances and supports terrorism. Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps is the first part of a foreign government to be named as a terrorist group. The step was taken to reduce the resources the Iranian government offers to promote terrorism in the Middle East. Despite intelligence and defense officials warning that Iran would retaliate, the United States went ahead and made the designation (Lee, 2019). The move could have been made before, but the previous administrations feared about disallowing contact with officials who had contacted the IRGC previously.

However, the move does not go well with Iran, with an Iranian leader suggesting that peace negotiations would no longer be possible. The Iranian government even stated that the US government was the "supporter of terrorism" and even warned of the repercussions. More so, Lee argues that the American troops in the Middle East have also been endangered and many companies are left in danger of prosecution for violating the sanction. The decision was supported by other leaders such as the Israel Prime Minister and the Iranian opposition group (Lee, 2019).

I agree with the author's concern that the US government could have addressed the military and intelligence concerns. The troops in the Middle East could have been warned before the move was made, not after. Also, the government should have illustrated on the step, showing exceptions to the designation and interpretation of the provision. Interpreting it would ensure there is no room for doubt. By quoting the statements given by different people and using contributions from other individuals, the author provided credible information.

The decision of naming an organ of the Iranian government as different reactions welcomed a terrorist group. Some people were happy about it while the Iranian government vowed to retaliate; putting the lives of the US troops located in the area in danger. The Government should have warned the forces before and even considered the issues raised by the defense and intelligence departments. The government should thoroughly analyze the effects of each step taken to combat terrorism, to avoid putting citizens' lives in danger.


BIBLIOGRAPHY \l 1033 Lee, M. (2019, 4 9). US labels elite Iran force a foreign terrorist organization. Retrieved from AP News:

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