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Aabar Property and Oracle CRM Software - Research Proposal Example

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Research proposal
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Key Sections of the RFP

Oracle CRM Software is one of the best and widely used solutions by businesses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In fact, many organizations in the UAE use it because it has a high level of efficiency. Aabar Properties is a multinational firm headquartered in Abu Dhabi in the UAE. It mostly operates in the Middle East regions including UAE and some parts of Africa. Aabar intends to use Oracle CRM software to achieve various objectives. First, the business aims at achieving efficient approach and management of customers. Customer relationship management is a critical tool for business success; therefore, Aabar would like to create strong bonding with clients. Additionally, the firm would like to reduce the total cost of maintaining effective communication with the clients. CRM software is better than overreliance on paperwork and manual functions.

Aabar is seeking for a solutions provider who is willing to enter into a contract for a period of two years. The business requests Oracle to provide details regarding the software, such as the ability to track customer ordering habits, the ability to improve customer service, and to increase sales. Aabar would like to receive information concerning the softwares ability to identify and anticipate the needs of the clients, classify customers in terms of their profitability, and the value addition that may occur as a result of installing the system. As part of the criteria for awarding the contract, the company should assure the business that it will offer technical support throughout the period. Additionally, Oracle should demonstrate understanding of the system and ensure that it is compatible with data systems in Aabar (Bayazit, 2014). The selection process will take a period of three months and the company will be contacted by the Chief Procurement Officer.

Statement of Purpose

The objective of the contract is to obtain software that can collect and capture data regarding customers. Aarab Company is looking for products and services that can change customer relationship management. For instance, the firm wants a tool where workers can collect, store, and retrieve information concerning the customers.

Background Information

Aabar property is the arm of the Aabar Investments PJS which deals with real estate development. The headquarters of the company are in Abu Dhabi in the UAE. The company serves the UAE and African markets in the real estate sector. The company provides services, such as real estate management, development, and investment information. In particular, Aabar undertakes projects which include residential, commercial properties, property leasing, marketing, sales, and facilities management. Aabar properties works towards attaining sustainable growth and supporting Abu Dhabis vision 2030. It has completed many projects for high-end and middle-income clients including Abu Dhabi Global Market Square.

Scope of the Work

The provider should be willing to offer technical support and consultancy at the lowest possible cost. The maintenance of the facilities should be done upon request by the companys IT department. However, the provider should perform regular maintenance activities on a monthly basis to ensure that there are no downtimes. Moreover, the supplier should offer training to the IT team and other members of staff to ensure that the software is implemented successfully (Rice, O'Connor, Peters & Morone, 1998). In fact, the provider should offer training services any time that he/she upgrades the system. It is the role of the provider to avail evaluation software to allow the company to test the operationability of the system. If sub-contractors are involved, the provider should make sure that the software is scalable to accommodate new changes and growing customer base.

Outcome and Performance Standards

The target or the end result is increased customer retention and satisfaction. Furthermore, the aim is to enhance the reputation of the company. What is more, the outcome of the software would be increase value for the business, thus, increasing the profitability.

As a minimal performance standard, the CRM software should have an uptime of more than 98%. The downtime should be less than 2%, as the company would like to use the software for all major operations.

With the aim of monitoring performance, the business will conduct daily inspections to determine the areas that do not add value to the business. Additionally, the IT department and experts will work collaboratively with the provider to check sources of non-compliance. The company will take various corrective actions, such as installing upgrades and training the IT staff to prevent system failure. Also, Aarab will purchase the latest gadgets and computers that have a high level of performance.


The provider should make sure that the following products are available.

Activity patterns

Communication information

Integrated analytic tools

CRM applications

Some of the reports include information regarding scalability, data security, integration, and vendors credibility and support. Additionally, there should be plans to improve accessibility on cloud computing, increased business intelligence, and better social CRM. The company should work in accordance in accordance to the recommended deliverance schedule. In other words, it should provide reports, plans, and products on a monthly basis to allow the managers to perform their make preparations in advance.

Type of Contract

The firm will engage in a long-term contract, as it will take a period of two years. The start date is 30th November, 2017 and the end date of the contract is 29th November, 2019. The contract can be renewed upon the expiry of the first one. However, for the contract to be renewed, the provider should have shown remarkable ability to offer solutions to problems within the business. The CRM software should have enabled the entity to save on cost and strengthen the bond between the organization and the customers.

Payment, Incentives and Penalties

All payments will be deposited into the providers bank account. The maturity period of the money will be approximately one week after the service is offered. As an incentive for quality performance, it is critical to add bonuses and commissions during particular periods of the month. The firm will deduct 10% for any act of non-compliance. The penalty may be higher or equivalent to the damage that may occur to the organization due to non-compliance.

Contractual Terms and Conditions

The supplier should sign the contract form manually. All contract documents should bear the name of the supplier, the buyer, security features, and data of the agreement. Apart from that, they should contain information regarding the agreement, the particulars, and details about the sub-contracts. It should be signed by all parties relevant to the contract.

Requirements for Proposal Preparation

The entity requires the provider to avail a consistent structure of the report which has five sections. It should be divided into the pre-contractual phase, the contractual phase, the ordering and logistics stage, the settlement phase, and the post-contractual stage (Tiong & Alum, 1997). Some of the reports and documents that will be required include condition of contract, condition of contract minor works, and condition of the contract term version.

Evaluation and Award Process

First, the organization will review whether the interested parties have complied with the requirements and guidelines. Then, the order that exhibits technical compliance, and has a low price, will be considered. If all the interested firms quote a similar price, the one with the highest score of combined weights (lowest price, technical compliance, discounts on items) will be awarded the contract.

Process Schedule

The following table includes timelines and steps leading to the final decision

Dates Activity

10th Nov Submitting letter of intent

11th Nov Sending questions

15th Nov Attending pre-proposal conference

20th Nov Sending proposals

25th Nov Review of proposals

27th Nov Evaluation of proposals

30th Nov Award of contracts

Point of Contact for Future Correspondence

The supplier may contact the following individuals to receive responses to queries and information regarding request for proposals. First, one may contact the CEO, Saeed Al Mehairbi for more information concerning the vision of the business. Mehairbi can be reached through the companys website and email. Also, parties can contact Murhaf Al Shaban through for details concerning the future of the company.



Bayazit, O. (2014). Investigating adoption of e-procurement systems: An empirical study. International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management (IJISSCM), 7(2), 47-66.

Rice, M. P., O'Connor, G. C., Peters, L. S., & Morone, J. G. (1998). Managing discontinuous innovation. Research-Technology Management, 41(3), 52-58

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