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William Shakespeare: The Tempest. A Literary Research Paper.

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Research paper
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The Tempest is a drama by that has been written by William Shakespeare many years decade of years ago. When Shakespeare wrote this drama, he was approaching an end to his productive works that he has done all along in the theatre. His critics thought this was the last play that he wrote alone. Shakespeare reputation was outstanding following the plays he has written, and moreover, this made him gain respect among his fellow playwrights (Stevens 389).

In contrary to this statement, his critics have however claimed that today there exist many writers all over the globe, that has produced an outstanding play. They argue that The Tempest by Shakespeare has been bypassed. However, in real sense the critics lack the facts to prove their statement. Notably, his play The Tempest was somehow disregarded and viewed to below the standards (Stevens 392). This was in comparison to his other works in his collection. Also, the Tempest was not frequently performed before a ban that was imposed on the performance of dramas in the year 1642. After some period had passed, the ban was uplifted, and the play gained fame and popularity (Stevens 389).

Drawing our attention to the previous centuries, different elites and writers started to praise again the value of the play. Ideally, during this time, the critics had reduced, and the play was highly being embraced. Today the Tempest is today considered one of the well-written plays by Shakespeare

Shakespeare plays, the tempest, begins, with the magician Prospero. The magician had a daughter called Miranda. Both the magician and the daughter have all along been stranded on the Island for twelve years by Prospero's usurping brother Antonio. Prospero is the legal Duke of Milan, and on the other hand, Antonio who got support from Alonso has ended up deposing him. This happens even though they filled their boats with clothes, food and better books. Alonso is the king of Naples (Stevens 409).

He is on a ship with his brother Antonio and Sebastian. There is a heavy tempest, and the boatswain is trying to ensure that the ship is safe, so the nobles are advised to stay below the deck to keep them safe and also to allow the men carry on their jobs without any interference from them during the storm. However, Sebastian and Antonio takes advantage of the situation and makes sarcastic and rude remarks upon the boatswain who on the occurrence of a spell flee away leaving the nobles on the ship. The nobles lost hope and went below the deck to say their goodbye wishes to their king (Stevens 404).

On the other hand on the island, Miranda complains about a ship full of men might have been destroyed in the tempest, but her father tries to comfort her that was his own doing, and none of the men was hurt. Upon request by Miranda, Prospero tells her about the events that led to their being on the highland. By the time she left the island, Miranda was very young and could only remember her father but not anyone else including her dead mother. Prospero tells of how his kingdom was made use of by Antonio, how Antonios rule was supported by the king of Naples while Prospero was distracted by his studies. Miranda and Prospero were cast out of Milan by Antonio and ordered for their killing. Prospero, however, tells his daughter on how a good councillor known as Gonzalo organized for their escape leading to their stay on the island (Jacobus 4).

Prospero then declares his dukedom reclamation intentions and that his brothers shipwreck and the tempest on the island was his doing and was part of his plan. At this point, Ariel makes his first interest and gives a declaration that the bidding by Prospero was successful and that the king and the sailors remained unharmed but remained scattered about the island (Stevens, pg. 408). He reminds Prospero on his promise to set him free and Prospero, in turn, praises him for his generosity as compared to Sycorax. Caliban introduces himself through claiming the island, and all this is believed to have come from his mother. He is despised by Miranda and Prospero for remaining primitive even after teachings from Prospero. Ariel's magic made Ferdinand and Miranda fall in love when he stumbled on her, but Prospero decides to make him servant putting him to hard labour (Jacobus 6).

King Alonso lands on the island together with his brothers Antonio and Sebastian, councilor Gonzalo, noblemen Francisco and Adrian. Gonzalo tries consoling the grieved Alonso. His son is missing and presumed dead while at the same time he is from his daughters wedding in Africa and distance instills fear in him that he might not see her again. Ariel puts the party to sleep except for Antonio and Sebastian (Dymkowski and Shakespeare 45). Through Ariels doing Antonio plans to get his brother to power. He then warns Gonzalo about the conspirators plans; this was intended in having Prospero protect Gonzalo as an appreciation for earlier favours to him and his daughter Miranda.

Ferdinand was being groomed to take the place of Caliban as a servant though he did not like Prospero that much (Dymkowski and Shakespeare 45). He and Miranda express a lot of love to one another and show the interest of being married despite the fact that they have only been in love for less than a day. Sebastian and Trinculo continue insulting Caliban while drinking together with Stephano. Caliban shares the tyranny of his old master and talks about how he wants to get rid of Prospero when Ariel walked in. Caliban makes a promise to allow Stephano and marries Miranda Incase the plot will be successful. Gonzalo, Antonio, Alonso, Francisco, Adrian, and Sebastian continue to wonder about the island with Alonso giving up on his son. Sebastian and Antonio attempt executing their murderous plan before they are interrupted by Prospero by sending huge banquet through his spirit. Before they could eat, Ariel enters and takes credit for their shipwreck while making the banquet vanish. This made Alonso remembers his words of being Prospero's pen and guilt begins taking them (Jacobus 9).

Ferdinand's punishment is stopped by Prospero, and he is finally given Miranda after proving his love for her through the hard work. This is done under the condition that a ritual must be carried out before Miranda's virginity could be taken. Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano come searching for Prospero, but Stephano and Trinculo remain drunk and noise thus Prospero was able to catch them and send Ariel after them( Jacobus 10).

Prospero finally puts under his power Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian having been apprehended by Ariel and all are just waiting for his judgments. Prospero finally changes his mind on revenge and instead makes a presentation that largely signified reunion of magic in that the other nobles and the accused enters the ring of magic made by Prospero and stands there while Prospero speaks. Alonso is charged with the throwing of Miranda and Prospero out of Italy while Sebastian and Antonio been the part of this crime. Ariel's freedom is finally announced by Prospero after Ariel organizes the party back to Naples and he sings a song out of this. Alonso repents after declaring his remorse for his wrongdoings to Prospero and Miranda; this aids their reconciliation (Jacobus 11). This makes Prospero win back from Antonio his dukedom. Alonso then finds out that his son Fernando was much alive and the two re-unites. Miranda and Fernando's engagement is officially announced by Prospero and Alonso.

The reunion is celebrated by Gonzalo and Alonsos boat has been readied by Ariel for their departure (Dymkowski and Shakespeare 34). The lost boatswain showed up once more and talked about what happened took place and happened to the other sailors during the tempest. Caliban finally apologizes to Prospero for having headed to the foolish advice of Stephano and regarding him as his master. Caliban is finally acknowledged by Prospero and takes him as his own (Stevens 414). Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo's plans are revealed to the entire group and are immediately forgiven. Prospero then invites everybody on the island at his resident for the last night on the island and promised to tell them how he and Miranda survived and also about the device of his magic (Jacobus 14) The play comes to an end with a speech from Prospero to his audience telling them how they hold greater power than Prospero the character in the play and that they can decide what happens next.


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