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Why We Do Not Need Speed in Driving - Essay Example

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Sometimes driving can be very thrilling, and a driver may be tempted to drive even faster. The driver may be under the illusion that fast driving is enjoyable, thrilling or fulfilling. However, Overspending is a form of reckless driving, and its potential consequences may be very severe and at close examination, driving fast is dangerous, and the possible impacts present negative consequences that outweigh the benefits of safe driving.

The most obvious reason why everyone should adhere to speeding rules is that over speeding increases the risk of speed-related crashes. Over speeding causes accident for three reasons. When the driver conceptualists that he needs to react, the vehicle has moved too close to the danger area. As such in most cases, the efforts to salvage the situation prove fatal. For instance, if a driver argues that diverting from the situation may save them from engaging in the accident, they are likely to execute this thought immediately. The thought may not be well planned and even when it is, the reaction time is limited.

Stopping an over speeding car depends on various things all which the driver has no control over at the time. The stopping process involves how accurate the drivers perception is a this will also determine how accurate he will be in the execution of a safe task attempt. The drivers reaction time will also offer from one driver to the other, and it determines their reflex reaction. The situation may be worsened if the vehicle has a faulty or unreliable breaking system. This would mean that the execution of the driver's plans to divert or neutralize impeding danger fails and have tried to execute the plan worsens the condition as the impact during the crash happening at a dangerously high speed. The behavior displayed in the event of a probable accident will determine the drivers probability of saving the situation of the risk of making it worse. During the moment of panic, the driver is in a state of emotional instability due to the stress and hence may be challenging to divert the vehicle without crashing it or causing more harm to oneself and other people who are using the road.

Over-speeding accidents may be fatal since, in a high-speed crash, a vehicle may not be stable enough to handle the force and impact of the crash. Such accident cause harm to the driver, another passenger on board, other vehicles and sometimes pedestrians. The effects of a simple act of over speeding may result in loss of life in the event of the accident or while victims receive medical attention deepening on the fatality of the accident. Further, some people may survive the accident but sustain life injuries which eave them significantly disabled that it alters their ability to work, fulfill their duties or achieve their dreams. As a result, the persons life is distorted for good, and hence they become dependent either on their significant others, well-wishers and the government to meet their basic needs. Damage to the quality of life and the loss of it can be devastating to the families and may have serious economic consequences especially if the victim was the familys breadwinner.

Insurance companies take a detailed analysis of an accident scene, and many are reluctant to cover the costs of the accident when the cause of the accident appears to have been over speeding. In most cases, insurance issuers increase their rates of getting an insurance cover when there is the risk that the driver is most likely over speed.

The economic impact of over speeding is too expensive for the government. The government has to invest every year in costly programs that focus on curbing the effects of over speeding. Commissions are formed and tasked with the role of solving the issue, but they are not certainly effective. Through national campaigns, there are numerous efforts that are meant to inform the public about the dangers of over speeding and reckless driving with the goal of improving safety on the roads. It should, however, be a personal initiative that one drives responsibly whether or not they are likely to be caught by the law enforcers. Driving safely may save the government the cost incurred in an attempt to advocate for safe driving.

The driver will also have to incur excessive costs for fuel, maintaining of the vehicle and its servicing. Oversleeping catalysis the wear and tear process of the vehicle and hence the need to service it too often. After a short time, there may be the need to replace the vehicle altogether as it may be unreliable or faulty. Suppose all officers are fond of over speeding, it would mean that the army needs to replace the vehicle supply after a short period. In most cases, it would be a very costly yet avoidable process.

Over speeding which is under reckless driving is against the law. The act of exceeding speed limits is punishable by law. When caught overspending by a law enforcing officer, one may be issued with a speeding ticket. Such a ticket can range from $150 to $1000 in cost that one is required to pay. The cost charged depends on how fast one was driving. Also, one may acquire a bad driver penalty which taints the drivers reputation. Further legal punishment may consider it fit to confiscate ones driving license and eventually suspend it on ground or irresponsibility and dangerous driving.

Distorts the reputation of law enforcers as it creates the impression of disobedience and irresponsibility. It is ugly to have an army officer engaged in a road accident for over speeding. Also, it creates a distorted image of the army. Since the public believes that the army should be protecting them, it renders them making inquiries, being suspicious and losing their trust in the defense system of the country. The army appears as a joke, and the defense department is regarded ineffective. As the law enforces, the army should teach citizens to obey the law by obeying it first and leading by example. Being a reckless driver does not promote this image. If citizens learn that army officers are fond of over speeding, they would over speed themselves and ignore the laws with the excuse that even the law enforcers do not respect the law.

Discipline is paramount in the army and over speeding is a direct violation of the legal requirements that an army officer should follow. Over speeding, therefore, implies that an officer disregards their obligation to maintain discipline and obey the law. As an officer, it is crucial to be of high moral standards and take responsibility even when no one is watching. Indiscipline is punishable it is important to maintain a high standard of conduct to create a reputation that earns one trust and hence can be regarded as trustworthy.

Over speeding is done for wrong reasons and has severe consequences. I am guilty of over speeding myself and the process of writing this paper has given me an opportunity to reflect on the mistakes, risks, and irresponsibility involving in over speeding. I have learned the need to travel within the legal speed range and the need to manage time effectively such that I will not have to overspend trying to arrive at events and meetings on time. As I was doing the paper, I came across a picture that said that it is better to drive slow and arrive and drive fast and never get there. The image made me realize the intensity and fatality of the consequences that would result from a simple act of driving a bit more fast in pursuit of a thrill within. I saw images of injured children who lost their parents in car accidents and have been physically disabled.

I have come to appreciate the importance of maintaining integrity when people are observing and when am alone. I look forward to appreciating and road safety and being an example of safe driving. Since it is possible to avoid road accidents through responsible driving, it is possible to minimize the number of deaths and acquired disabilities that result from road accidents.

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