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Websites Comparison - Paper Example

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Boston College
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Creative writing
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Content: Relevance, Accuracy, Validity, and Scope

Because of the need of honest comparison at the end of this document, I used the same search word in all the websites. The search word was, the disadvantages of night guarding

Criteria Website 1 Website 2 Website 3

When was the document created? July 4th, The Guardian, WebMD, US News HealthNovember 30th2016 7th April 2010

Is the information reasonably current? Yes. It's based on findings realized up to 2012.

Relatively it is current. Yes. The information is current

Has the document been supported in any way by a recognized authority? No. yes Yes. It has references that show what has bemused o build the document.

Does the author provide references for the content? The reference is not provided for. No Yes. It has references

Is the website maintained by a reputable organization? Yes. Es, Jumia Black

Not verifiable

Are there indications of any bias or stereotyping in text or graphics? No, threes aren't. Cannot be verified. Cannot be verified.

Are there any obvious errors or misleading statements? None. We do not have No


Author: Availability, Credibility, and Authority

Criteria Website 1 Website 2 Website 3

State the authors name. The author is anonymous. Thomas Oscar. Sid W. For University of Phoenix

List the authors e-mail address. It has not been provided within. Not available Not indicated

What are the authors credentials? Not provided because u want to ask me He has them Not mentioned


Usability: Access, Layout, and Navigation

Criteria Website 1 Website 2 Website 3

Does this take a long time to download? No, it takes a shorter time, however in times of time No, it takes a short time Relatively, it downloads faster.

Are there text alternatives to the images for web users with visual disabilities? There is none. there are some This document ha texts only.

Is this site in English only? Yes. it has subtitle options that come with many other languages yes

Is there a good organizational scheme? The work is organized into coherent parts, i.e., sub topics. the document is flowing even though lacks subtitles The document is organised with subtitles.

Is there an index that can be used to navigate within the document? There is no navigational scheme. Has personal that one move beyond degree. Lacks a proper navigation

Is there a built-in search function? Yes,

yes yes

Is there any system for help? No, there isnt Yes, there is No, there isnt


Features: Colour, Graphics, Links, Sound

Criteria Website 1 Website 2 Website 3

Is the site interactive? Ys, it encourages people to give responses Yes, has a place for chatting ways out. Very lively

Are the links relevant and appropriate to the topic? Yes. They are relevant and resourceful. yes yes

Do pictures and graphics add to the appeal of the page? Yes, they create a visual e, impression in the mind of the reading the Union. A picture can help u to comprehend whatever things you didn't get to understand. Yes, they create a visual e, impression in the mind of the reading the Union.

Web ranking

In relation to the information gained from the above research, the first web becomes the best site followed by the third website and finally the second website. This is due to the following reasons:

The first website takes a shorter time to download as compared to the other two websites.

The first website is more easily accessible as opposed to the other websites.

The link of the first website is more related to the topic as compared to the other websites.


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