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UFC Construct: Business Idea and Business Plan

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Part A: Business Idea

At the University of Roehampton, many construction avenues need to be explored and expanded. UFC Construct has identified the need for the university to consider a construction of one of its basketball courts. Basketball is a major discipline that many students participate in this school. There are not enough courts that can be used whenever there is a full-time competition involving basketball. Basketball was recently introduced into the university as a competitive game although it has always been participated, normally, by many learners. The need for a new and more basketball courts comes from the fact that the discipline is continuing to be liked and participated by many students, coming and continuing. Having an additional and distinct basketball court for this university will be a new way to foster the presence and competitiveness of this discipline in this university and many other learning institutions within and outside the country. London is a city of sporting activities.

At the University of Roehampton, there are a number of basketball courts situated at the indoor gymnasium. This court is often used for many other disciplines present in the gymnasium. For the facility to fully accommodate all the participants, including the students, the staff, and the community, a new court has to be constructed. The construction of this new court will open up the game of basketball, and enable almost all, professionals and non-professionals, to play basketball without having to wait for the chance to access the court. The new court will be served with the state-of-the-art equipment and technology that will be unique to the players and the school as a whole.

UFC Construct is a new construction company that is willing to enter the United Kingdom (UK) and then potentially expand in other European countries, like Northern Ireland, among others. The company has done a number of basketball constructions in different schools in Northern Ireland and seeks to the same in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom has a growing enthusiasm towards the game of basketball. The need for an additional and new basketball court in the intended university comes with the need that has been observed by the logistical management of the institution. Furthermore, UFC Construct has designed one of the best and new features that intend to include in the construction of this court, specifically for this university.

UFC Construct will likely face a number of competitors. There are many construction companies in London and in the world. One of the many competitors will be ETC Sports Surfaces Limited (Simmons 2009, pp. 52-76). UFC Construct will seek to have a clear objective of constructing a new court, something that will be done with a difference. As a construction company, UFC Construct ha its capacity building online. The company will serve its marketing avenues online. Innovations and skills will be involved in the construction of the court. The court will offer a new standard for managing courts, maintaining them, and running their daily check, something that not many companies do.

Part B: Objectives

UFC Construct will strive to achieve the following objectives.

UFC Construct endeavors to make it easier for the university to access facilities, construction equipment, and a good basketball court for its physical education and sporting activities

UFC Construct seeks to make basketball one of the best played and loved sporting activities in the university, participated by all including the students, community members, and the staff

UFC Construct seeks to offer free and continuous education and training the best avenues and ways of learning, playing, and being a professional basketball player using the state-f-the-art equipment available by this construction

UFC Construct endeavors to expand do different other construction of basketball courts in London, and outside the country like in America and Asia

Being a sole trader will be a good move for this business. UFC Construct has done several constructions outside the United Kingdom. Its capacity to deliver has been high. The company has developed divergent skills through innovation and research and has put them into practice. UFC Construct is determined that the successes that it has had in different constructions and in different locations will influence an efficient and effective construction activity that will lead to the achievement of the set objectives of the study. Being a sole trader or a sole proprietor in the business of construction has been a major undertaking for a long time now (Westbrook 2010, pp. 3-5).

The advantage to this sole trading by UFC Construct lies with its targets in the market. The company offers unique avenue in terms of construction. The company does not have to venture into partnership as it has enough facilities, capacities, and objectiveness to focus alone and deliver a quality service to the clients. The establishment UFC Construct was based on its desire to be a sole business and hence it's initial objectives and restructuring, in terms of leadership and output, have all been done as a sole proprietor (Weatherly & Otter 2011, pp. 42-45). A delivery of quality services to its clients has been one major intention of UFC Construct, something that it has done amicably. The company sees itself as capable of delivering a quality service to the university, and even seeking more participation in different avenues. UFC Construct is determined to offer the best product to its customers, something that is done continuously and progressively unlike as done by many other companies in the world (Tenkotte & Claypool 2009, pp. 52-85).

Task 2: Pestle Analysis


UFC Construct has normally relied on an equitable political influence in meeting some of its objectives. Currently, the political atmosphere in the United Kingdom, and especially London, is all about Brexit. This greater political endeavor has certain effects on the UFC Construct intention to offer its services in London. This political move creates a barrier that UFC Construct has to counter. Nonetheless, the entire political situation in London is amicable for business.


Roehampton University is a university that is well established in London. London is an economic power in terms of it being one of the major cities of the United Kingdom. Thus, this good economic strength will enable UFC Construct to carry out its business with little constraints in terms of the economic effects on the business (Wetherly & Otter 2011, pp. 42-45).


The University of Roehampton is a social university in that it has been built from the constructs of a society. The city is culturally diverse, including the institution. The social levels of classification are paramount although they have little effects on the performances of UFC Construct. The members of the university are socially diverse. They come from a society that loves and embraces basketball. This business endeavor will be of a great social influence Westbrook 2010, pp. 3-5).


Technology is the key to the business performance of UFC Construct. Competition is about innovation and technological capabilities that different businesses have. As much as technology is a global need, UFC Construct has endeavored on different approaches that are based on the existing technology (Kingsley 2012, pp. 42-85). Technology is the driving force for this business.


The legal structures established in the United Kingdom allow foreign business ventures. The law is clear since it gives UFC Construct protection as it seeks to establish its business operations in this country. Moreover, the law has created a cohesive working environment that has effectiveness and efficiency for foreign businesses. UFC Construct acquired this business through a legal procedure that incorporates the legal procedures of the university (Simmons 2009, pp. 52-76).


The business environment in London is amicable. Everything is set for a competitive business environment. The environment has influenced the operations of UFC Construct in many ways. At the university, the environmental factors can be said to be amicable. There is a suitable location for the project. Community entirely participates in playing basketball (Lieberman 2012, p. 42). The weather conditions are suitable for any set of people. The adaptation of the customers is good. Therefore, the environment is suitably good for UFC Construct operations.

Task 3

Part A

UFC Construct intends to have an awareness creations seminar on the proposed new basketball court construction plan. This will also act as the lounge of the project. The gathering will mainly involve the school students, the staff, and the community members. Everyone will be welcomed. The meeting will simply be a stage to present the idea to the consumers. The meeting will be staged in the evening at the school gymnasium just beside the point for constructing the new court. UFC Construct will offer free drinks for this occasion. The event will specifically be a time to host one great basketball legend, with the learners having time to splash their basketball talents. The basketball legend will simply highlight the intentions of the business. The number of those invites five thousand (Great Britain 2012, p. 42).

Part B

The following budget will be used. The intended plan will cover valuations for the venue, the spending on the invited guest, security, participants, advertising, among others. The table below represents the intended budget.

No. Item Description Total

1. Venue Setting


2. Spending on Invited Basketball Legend $100,000

3. Participants $50,000

4. Security $10,000

5. Advertising and Public Address $120,000

6. Food and Drinks

Food materials


Service delivery





Miscellaneous $5,000

GRAND TOTAL $500,000

Task 4:

Marketing Objectives

The product, which is the game of basketball, will be brought to the participants through different avenues like through the online platform created for the project. The venture is a mass market offering. To the customers, the clear messages will be on the need to play basketball, the need to train and gain from basketball, and the need to train with the best experts and resources. This resource will be brought to the school at a very low cost, with high quality, and of great value to all.

Target Markets

Basketball is a universal game, played by the old and the young. Nonetheless, this venture will mainly focus on the young people who are trying to develop their talent right from a tender age as while being in a college. Those with basketball talent will be promoted to an equitable facility that caters for everything needed in basketball professionalism. The mid-aged and the old will also be considered. Playing skills, equipment, and training will be offered apart from simply constructing the playing court (Mead & Gruneberg 2013, pp. 94-98).

Marketing Strategies for Each Target

The young, especially those from high school with good basketball talent, will be trained for varied skills. The mid-aged, as the staff and the community, will be given chances to exercise and display their innate talent through an equitable playing court. They will also access every equipment and bit of training. The advertising will be offered online. An online platform will be established for the project and everything including its importance. Customers, who are mostly the entire institution and the community, will have access to this platform. There will be specific basketball events and sessions for all ages.

Marketing Mix

The construction project will be placed on the online platform created for the company. Every service and product to be included in the construction of th...

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