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Thesis Proposal Example: Patients and Nurses Safety

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Sewanee University of the South
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Thesis proposal
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The group proposes various activities that should be put in place to ensure nurses and patients are protected from being exposed to occupational hazards like bloodborne pathogens as well as flu germs. First, the group proposed that there was a need to visit various healthcare facilities to evaluate their condition and see if they meet the international required standards to enable health workers to continue with their job according to OSHA (Connor et al., 2014).

Health Literacy Activities

The group anticipated starting a public campaign so that they could enlighten the health workers and the management of various care facilities on the conditions that are required in the hospital to facilitate smooth working and protect the workers from injuries as well as infections. Health literacy activities on the use of various machines should also be conducted so that patients and health cases can have better understanding of how to use them

Administrative or Policy Changes

As a result of the poor workplace hazards in various care facilities, the group proposed a different solution to the problems as per the international standards (Celano, 2017). The group recommended that there is a need to develop health care policies that suggested a strict measure which should be taken to health care facilities that do not put in place working conditions that meet international standards. Additionally, the group also suggested that there was a need to have rotational to the head of various departments in the healthcare facilities. Rotational changes ensure that there is a reduction of corruption. The group proposed that nurses to be provided with antiviral face mask so that they can protect themselves against flu germ as well as other clinical tools.

Use of Technology

The group suggests that fire detection technology to put in every healthcare facility so that in case of fire outbreak health workers can evacuate the building in time (Bohle et al. 2017). CCTV cameras with function control room should be put in a various section of the hospital to ensure that there is continuous monitoring of the workers thereby enhancing the outcome. Suggestion boxes should also be set at a different location to ensure that both workers and patient have a say on how access and treatment are being done in the hospital (Payne, et, al 2017)

Procedure for Equitable Treatment

The group suggested that there should be there should various healthcare facilities should develop guidelines and procedures to be followed by every patient seeking treatment services at different care facilities. When patients follow the regulations put in place by the directive, cases of anti-harassment as well as discrimination of individuals such as those living with disabilities and HIV diseases can reduce. Therefore, this can help everybody to get access to better healthcare thereby leading to a reduction of deaths.



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