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The Tragedy of Hamlet - Relevance of the Play to the Modern Audience

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Going through the Shakespeares play, Hamlet is considered to be relevant to the modern audience through various themes that have been developed in the story. The play creates timeless themes such as vengeance, love, and friendship. In most sections of the story, a modern audience can be addressed through some of the family issues that currently exist in the modern life. The play Hamlet is identified to be having one of the best plots, through the theme of love, madness, and vengeance in the current family life.

In the current today, there exist different relationships amongst families as experienced in Hamlet. In the play, there is not even a single family relationship that has continuously remained the same. The play demonstrates a loving relationship that is existing between Ophelia and Laertes, in contrast, Hamlet is viewed to be a revulsion to the father in law Claudius and the mother Gertrude hence demonstrating a different type of family relationship. Throughout the play, Hamlets dislike to Claudius and Gertrude remains throughout the play. Hamlet is disgusted towards the nature of marriage that took place between the two individuals and even refers to Claudius as A little more than Kin and less than kind." (Shakespeare)

Comparatively, in the loving relationship that experienced between Ophelia and Laertes.The family is identified to be a strong family and the two siblings are viewed to be so caring towards each other with Ophelia telling Laertes to wreck not own rede when he was offering advice to the sister during the period when Hamlet exposed his affection towards her (Shakespeare). Additionally, the family love is expressed among them when Laertes came from France after pursuing vengeance act; he showed deep concerns towards Ophelia after being presented before him in a state that was so deceiving.

Additionally, the Shakespeares play is viewed to be relevant because the general theme is relevant. In the current society, there is significant uncertainty in both individuals and external factors that are determining the performance of the society. During Hamlet time this was still the case since identifying on what to act on was a great challenge. From a family perspective, individuals in the family who are willing to act are identified to be individuals with the least sense of the complexity of situations. The more one becomes relevant to most information, the more he can understand the truth in most of the positions. However, with the personality of trying to understand the complexity of most of the lifes decisions like Hamlet, the problem will always be there. From a family set up, one who focuses on understanding the complexity of situations experience complexity in making decisions and the consequence aftermath is unintended and intended and can be caught in the same indecision as Hamlet.

In this modern period, individuals are struggling with severe behaviors and various rights, which have no difference with the era of Hamlet. Focusing on the play the struggle with wrongdoings and right is identified to be one of the recurring themes in the story. This is expressed through Hamlet facing persistent procrastination. Additionally, the behavior is not only realized Hamlet but its identified in Gertrude and also in Claudius.

Family relationships are identified to be the dominating theme in the play, with family playing an essential role in the development of the modern world, and if the play can articulate the theme of family relationship, then the play has the full right to be considered as highly relevant.


Work cited

Shakespeare, William. Tragedy of Hamlet, the. Boston: Ginn & Company, 1909.


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