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The Debate Over Gun Control in America - Paper Example

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The debate over gun control in America has been dominant since Adam Lanza participated in killing six adults and twenty-first graders at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown. After the horrific mass shootings, protest and marches have been taking place with contentious congressional and emotional advertisements and the state hearings on the issue to do with gun control law in the state of New York. In the United States, political and popular discourse in most of the cases focuses on the causal effect of mental illness in the result of mass shootings. For example, in one recent scenario that took place in the United States, the US media was able to diagnose Adam Lanza who was the shooter with Schizophrenia after the deadly school shooting that took place in Newtown at Sandy Hook elementary school (Mantel).

Some of the factors that are most common on people who are committing mass murder include serious revenge, extreme feeling of anger, planning well in advance before executing the crime and feeling of alienation. With the mass killing that has been taking place in the United States, it has been identified that most of the mass murders are no plan of surviving their attack. According to statistics released by federal Bureau of Investigation, cases of active shooter rose with incidents of gun attack rising between 2000 2013.

Through various events that have been taking place in the United States, it is undeniable that any individual who has shown violent behaviors is not supposed to have access to guns that are dangerous and could be used in harming others or even themselves. In the United States, the focus has now been directed on mental illness in the wake of mass shootings, showing the reflection of gun violence, law about guns and mental competence. Statistically, it has been identified that mass killing is conducted by individuals with serious mental illness, mostly individuals who are suffering schizophrenia

As a result of violence and misuse of guns, United States supreme court in the year two thousand and eight strongly made emphasis on the right of owning guns, the institution endorsed prohibition on ownership of gun mentally ill and felons as result of their great potential in building violence. According to the past research, registered nurse to make sure that the patient is not in danger to others or himself when it comes to owning a gun. Through this, the government will then decide on whether such an individual should own guns or not. That is what is supposed to be adopted in making sure that misuse of the gun is controlled and a registered nurse to make sure that the patient is not in danger to others or himself when it comes to owning a gun. Through this, the government will then decide on whether such an individual should own guns or not. That is what is supposed to be adopted in making sure that misuse of the gun is controlled by what is happening currently. The fact is that crime rate in the United States is increasing, and it is on the significant rise despite the severe dedication that has been put in place to monitor and lower the crime rates (Kingsbury). Technically, the issue of gun control is becoming one of the controversial issues in the United States with the increasing rise of mass shooting demanding for a significant reform when it comes to the policies that are governing the gun control.

As a result of gun misuse, the fallout from the massacre has been relentless and widespread with protests and marches, celebrity endorsements, fiery advertisements, state hearings, contentious congressional, state legislation, strict new gun control law and proposed federal that is being experienced in New York State. However, the great dilemma in place is whether the state will be able to spur congress to pass tough nationwide laws. This has been identified to be one of the greatest challenges. To some extend, it has been identified that some support has been existing, for having to expand the background checks to incorporate the sale of the private firearm, even though the federal ban on the dangerous weapon is perceived to be a nonstarter. However, the current situation has been realized that more than one thousand firearms related have gone through the state legislatures, although it's only New York state which has gone ahead and passed one to date.

One great example is that in the year two thousand and seven more than two thousand individuals descended in Hartford Connecticut for one of the packed public hearing that was running for more than seventeen hours. This is identified as one of the revived symbol and a greater discussion of gun rights advocate, gun violence with individuals supporting the message with a yellow sticker noted, another responsible gun owners.

Since the only situation that will work on stopping a bad individual with a good guy owning a gun. Even with various movements working for almost everyone to possess the gun, the senate judiciary committee has beenorkingn the preparation of gun control law markers and legislation in various states have come up with tough gun law bills. Additionally, the fight is that the legislator in two dozen that the midwestern and dozen western have come up with various bills which are essential in enforcing any federal control with their borders which are developing.

Recently, forty-eight individuals have died due to one of the dangerous shooting in the history of the united states. Basically what happened was that Omar Mateen committed what can be identified as mass murder where forty-nine individuals got killed at a nightclub by using a gun(Jost). The central question that is being raised is that individuals who are getting involved in such murder, are they normal or is there something wrong with their mind. With the various events that have been taking place, the call for action form some of the policymakers have focused on the commonality between the events that have been happening in the past. To bring solution and order in various states in America, it is significant to note that mental health reforms play a substantial role in making sure that one can prevent and even try some of the things that have been taking place in the past.

About the shooting incidence that took place in Las Vegas, it is significant to note that reporters and investigators have reported that no psychiatric diagnosis was reported concerning the background Stephen Paddock who was the suspect(Mantel). However, according to report from various doctors, what comes out is that if individuals are capable of curing bipolar and schizophrenia disorders, then the mass killing and overall rate of crime and daily shooting will go down.

What should happen is that history of childhood should be redefined by nurturing children to deviate from drug abuse and preventing mental illness. Since statistics is demonstrating that around the year two thousand and one to two thousand and ten individuals who were diagnosed with mental illness were just three out of the large population of individuals who committed mass murder, then what should take place in united states is that background check should be done, and those who are found to be abusing drugs and are also suffering from bipolar are supposed not to be empowered with guns.

Comparatively, it has been identified that gun control laws in United States are varying among the various states, even though the federal has been in place to regulate the possession, usage, and sales of ammunition and guns. However, in some cases what happens typically is that state firearms laws are playing an important role by being restrictive than the act of federal firearms which is showing the gun laws inconsistency among the states. Additionally, despite the adoption of various measures in preventing the mass shooting, basically, the efficiency raised of on this gun control measures as proposed were realized to be negligible in that it was not able to bring to an end the rate of occurrence and the increased death tolls in most means.

What is happening in the United States is that gun control measures is not the basic measures when it comes to reducing the level of crime rates. Statistically, according to various report that has been happening from different statistics, the fact is that stricter gun control will not be a major element and a driving factor in crime rate reduction (Reassessing the Nation's Gun Laws). Comparatively, in some states where gun control measures are relaxed, the experience is the existence of fewer issues about gun murder. This is the reality in the United States where States with less strict gun control are having a seriously lower crime rate.

In the United States, it is identified that about third of the murder is committed by individuals who are owning guns and firearms. Most research has also dominated the media that suicides by gun are accounting for almost more than deaths which have close relations with the firearm.

Despite the record,some of the state law gun control like the one for New York newest gun control law have in the past requested for psychologist, doctor, licensed clinical social work and a registered nurse to make sure that the patient is not in danger to others or himself when it comes to owning a gun. Through this, the government will then decide on whether such an individual should own guns or not. That is what is supposed to be adopted in making sure that misuse of the gun is controlled.

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