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Strategic Planning and Property Crimes - Essay Sample

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Despite the serious increase in the federal property crime-fighting role that has been taking place in the past years, most responsibility for controlling crime is now resting at the local and the state levels of government. However, analyzing strategic plans in the City of Albuquerque PD, New Mexico PD, the Plano and Texas PD towards addressing property crime, their difference has played a significant role when it comes to the formulation of new strategies and making sure that various gaps in their plans are fulfilled.

About Plano police department, the department has developed one of a proud history through their past strategic plans. Making sure that they have the most competent chief of police, they have developed one of the best strategies in fighting property crime; this is by making sure that chief of police is responsible for overseeing a police department that is made up of three members, one patrol car, and no radio communication (Riedel & Welsh 2015).

Being that Plano police department developed to form part of the nationally accredited law enforcement agency in Canada and the general United States, the Plano Police department has developed to be one of the most professional departments in united states. Regarding fighting property crime, Plano Police department strategic plan that is supposed to offer direction from the year 2015- 2020 has been in place to serve as a grand plan for offering the best direction for the next five years. With good strategic objectives and goals that are capable of addressing the mission and ensuring that objectives and goals are fulfilled efficiently by the Plano City Council.

Putting the focus on Plano Police department forecasting capability, the department has successfully integrated the internal and the external data to forecast their operational impacts and the existing drivers. In fighting property crime, the drivers have been adopted to indirectly and directly cause changes. In making the region safe, Plano police department has developed many online systems that are responsible for tracking of information and sharing of intelligence within the community who are making sure that laws are properly enforced. Also, the department has worked best in ensuring that personnel is best rained to receive training on analysis and collection of intelligence information.

Plano police department has developed a greater advantage through working closely with the partner's agencies in the region hence it has been identified to be one of the great department which has developed a close working relationship with the North Central Texas Fusion center. It is recognized as data gathering and intelligence initiative that has offered significant support to fight property crime in the whole region of North Central Texas. In most regions which have been predicted to have a higher property crime rate, the department has worked on deploying personnel and equipment in an effort of reducing the possibility of crime taking place. This has been successfully done by making use of Sky Watch Towers in those areas. On the other hand, volunteers and employees are provided with the assignment of making sure that they patrol the selected areas to discourage the level of crime rate taking place.

Some of the recent development that Plano Police department has adopted is making sure that community camera programs that have been in place to allow businesses and residents in the city of Plano to make sure that their privately owned surveillance camera systems are with the Police Department.

For the past five years, the property crime rate in Plano has significantly decreased, reporting a fall twenty-eight percent from 2010-2015.statistically in 2015, it was reported that property crime rate for Plano recorded a serious decrease of twelve percent over that one that took place in 2014 with twelve percent decrease(Parker, 2017). It has identified that the decrease was as a result of the decline in burglary, motor vehicle theft crime, and larcency which recorded a positive decline of sixteen percent.

Comparatively, United States Department of justice has through various departments administered two statistical programs when it comes to measuring the impact, nature, and magnitude of crime in the nation. What has been being done is making sure that there exist the National Crime Victimization and the Uniform Crime Reporting program to make sure that different approaches and aspects of property crime are conducted and information produced is used in offering a comprehensive plan in bringing a solution to the Nations property crime changes. Basically, in the FBIs Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) program, property crime has been recognized to be part of the offenses that include larceny-theft, burglary, arson and motor vehicle theft. Dwelling on the past statistics, in the year two thousand and fifteen, there was an estimated value of 79,93,631 property crime offenses that took place in the nation. Focusing on the two-year trend, what has come out is that there was a serious decline on the property crime offenses showing 2.6 percent decline in the year 2015 when a comparison is made to that one of 2014 (Property Crime,2016). On the other hand, in 2015, the property crime rate experienced an estimate of two thousand four hundred and eighty-seven per one hundred thousand inhabitants; this is experienced to be a three percent decrease when a comparison is made to that one of two thousand and fourteen.

The New Mexico PD have recognized the advantage of solving property crime by ensuring that their staffs are well educated and updated on the current issues. Continued education and training of police officers are essential to maintaining competent officers that will be capable of intelligently solving the property crime in the region. All the department has adopted the use of mobile phones, with a various number of department employees being issued with blackberry, iPhone and window phones that has played an essential role for use in their daily activities. Basically, with the use of such devices, there is a limitation to the supervisory personnel with individuals given the role in specialized units are capable of maintaining connectivity even during the off-duty hours. On the other hand, various officers assigned to criminal investigation services division and patrol service division are offered with basic cellular phones which are essential in making sure that suspects, witnesses, and victims are communicated to in handling their field investigation.

Other hand, New Mexico PD,Texas PD and city of Albuquerque and Plano have adopted some of adopted some of the better strategic plans to counter-attack property crime rate by, introducing body cameras to be used by Traffic Unit Officers which has hence created a discussion issue to the patrol police to increase the capability of event recording(Roth,2017).With the tremendous technological development, it is important to note that some of the amazing ways that the department can adopt in fighting property crime are by investing in technology. There is a great need for automated vehicle location system to ensure tracking of fleet vehicles.


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