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Report on Short Movies: The Story of Stuff and The Story of Electronics

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1). what is your response/opinion to the Story of Stuff movie?

The story of stuff movie is informative and at the same time astonishing how we live in a world that centers on consumerism. The most important point from the movie is that we continue living in a world that is not environmentally sustainable; the reason why the linear process of extraction, production, distribution, consumption, and disposal comes back to harm the human population through overproduction of materials which end up as toxic wastes in the environment. With government being on the forefront of exploitation of natural resources, environmental protecting bodies such as EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has failed to play their roles in ensuring that we live in an environmentally friendly world which is sustainable and waste free.

2). which of the other short movies did you watch? Write a sentence or two of what it was about and your opinion of it. (3 Pt)

I watched "The story of electronics." The movie is about how big companies ignore the importance of recycling used electronics and instead exploit natural resources to produce other new products to supply the consumers. Most of these companies design new versions of the products which are expected to last for a short period of 18 months after which other models are designed to replace the old electronics. The old electronics end up being disposed of in the environment posing risk to nature since they are made up of different chemicals collected from different parts of the world which are toxic in nature. The world will continue to be a dumping site of toxic chemicals which will continue to affect our land, water and also increased levels of toxic gases which result in climate change.

3). which topic did you choose to investigate? Include the following

Paraphrase and list the facts that you found. There should at least be several different solid facts or specific and thought-provoking ideas. This should be a few sentences or a short paragraph.

I chose "Story of electronics."

The world is part of the unsuitable market economy which designs products to be disposed of quickly hence benefitting the companies that manufacture the electronics.

According to Moore's law, electronic designers are able to double the processor speed in 18 months. A law that was misinterpreted by company bosses who thought that the gadgets could be disposed of after every 18 months and new ones manufactured.

Our electronic gadgets are made of different toxic chemical materials such as mercury and PVC shipped from different parts of the world to assembly plants where they are converted into finished goods,

Briefly, what is your opinion on this topic or these facts? (2 pt)

Recycling of materials used in the manufacturing of electronics ensures that there is minimal wastage of resources through recycling. Recycling of electronic wastes ensures that natural resources such as mining fields and forests are preserved and unexploited hence saves a lot of money. Dumping of electronic wastes continues to pollute the environment through toxic gases which are leaked into the atmosphere, water and soil, for instance, heavy metals such as Lead and Arsenic are very toxic when they penetrate into plants and later animals that feed on the plants leading to diseases such as cancer.

Cite your sources and mention why you feel they are reputable. List the organizations if not obvious from the URLs alone (2 Pt).

My two sources are from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website. I believe my sources are reputable since EPA is a government agency whose information is based on statistics carried out by different researchers and its reliability taste and confirmed by other environmental analysts around the globe.


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