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Report on Challenges ABC Ports Ltd in Securing the Homeland - Paper Example

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Dear Mr. Ready

Thank you for your interest in ABC Ports Ltd. and its operations. As the owner and operator of one of the Nation's largest port facilities, we understand the criticality of the continued operation of our port to the national security of the United States. The attached report is submitted with your request and contains sensitive information about our operations which we expect to be protected from unlawful release or sharing under the Protected Critical Infrastructure Information (PCII) rules. If this information is not protected under PCII, we ask that you inform us immediately. The report is divided into sections corresponding to the specific requests outlined in your letter. I look forward to working with you in the future. John Doe Facility Security Officer ABC Ports Ltd.


Public-private partnerships are considered to be the main concern of contention between the government and the business agencies regarding the homeland security; although, the matter has gained relatively less attention on the scholarly research on the homeland security. The society is facing security challenges that can be addressed if the role played by the corporate sectors is put on into consideration. The terrorism threat on the countrys security is one of the significant challenges that Homeland Security Department is facing because terrorism operates typically outside the jurisdiction of the state authorities, it is clear that the government cannot independently address the issue; therefore it needs to be assisted by the corporates (Public-Private Partnerships in Homeland Security: Opportunities and Challenges - HOMELAND SECURITY AFFAIRS, 2018).

The ABC Ports Ltd is concerned with the importation of the goods from oversee and vice versa; we are also concerned with clearing and forwarding of goods. We as ABC Ports Ltd feel like we are the important element in ensuring that Homeland Security Department fulfills its security obligations. With our employees, we traditionally function from the intelligence analysis to the emerging planning, with the aim of protecting the major infrastructures. Therefore, the ABC port Limited can expand the whole homeland security workforce swiftly that the government was doing it alone (Harrell, 2018). Therefore, it offers a fast and cost-effective solution to the gap for more personnel to work in the homeland security positions. Despite the security threat that is brought by the terrorism 9/11 attack, it is established that there are other security threats other than terrorism. Such threats can not only be foreseen by the Homeland Security, but also by us the ABC port limited as the private business sector. We learn that there could be some internal threats, such as the shooting massacre that happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School together with the 2013 Boston Marathon terrorist bombing. Such events have made it so important for the public and private sectors to get involved in the effective partnership to safeguard the national infrastructure, facilities as well as the facilities (Copeland & Cody, 2010).

In ensuring that we fulfill the required expectation towards the Homeland Security commitments, there are some of the effective procedures that we apply in that context. The steps that we exercise include the following:

Being mindful of any vehicle that is parked in the same location over a period of several days without knowing the owner, with efforts to avoid surveillance cameras (Harrell, 2018).

Conscious of any unfamiliar interest in ingress and egress points, operation hours, peak days, security guards, site plans as well as other employees (Jenkins, 2006).

Alert of any suspicious goods that appears to be creating a security threat to a country, in such a case we inform the port police about it. Also, there are some cargo boxes that they are left unattended by the owner while locked. In such as case, we give ultimatum for the owner to avail, in case not, we inform the federal police who will assist in opening and establish the goods that were in the cargo box (Harrell, 2018).

Scrutinizing the employees at the time of recruitment- We at ABC Port Ltd, we essentially carry out a pre-employment screening of new personnel together with the existing ones to recognize suspicious information that appears to create a security threat. In case of suspicion, we inform the Homeland Security so that they can precisely check on the suspected issue on the persons (Harrell, 2018).

Install and use high-tech closed-circuit television (CCTV) system to assist in recognizing the planning of activities by people who have malevolent intents (Harrell, 2018).

Sensitizing the security guards together with other employees to conduct active and random patrolling in the external and internal area of operations, especially before and during special events or when expecting a large magnitude of people.

Be aware of any unusual questioning or interest regarding the security protocols, such as the delivery gates, access control, security badge, cameras, doors, alarms security reaction drill as well as the door and gates locking procedures and hours. The treat actor can conduct surveillance by utilizing equipment such as the cameras, zoom lenses, binoculars, and the global positioning systems (GPS) (Harrell, 2018).

Ensuring the screening of the clients and visitors who are coming into our premises, it involves checking that no one has carried any explosive or weapons that may cause any harm or death to a person (Harrell, 2018).

With the stated strategy, we have been able to get hold of the individuals and groups of people who are planning wicked act toward the gathering of the clients who come to export or receive their imported goods. However, since ABC Port Limited has restricted jurisdiction on the security matter, we need a close and firm assistance who will respond to our distress calls at any time of the day or night.

In ensuring that we have a secured neighborhood, it is the responsibility of every business, and any individual, a secured and peaceful environment ensures effective business continuity, peace, and harmony among people. However, despite the bid to ensure safety, there are other challenges that we meet as a business, therefore creating a barrier to fulfill the homeland security commitments.

The first challenge is that we are prone to be confronted by the armed person who can abduct the workers and even do a massacre since they do not face any gun resistance from any security official. Our security team is not armed with weapons, neither are they trained on how to defend themselves from a gunfight.

Second, we are sometimes faced by aggressive persons who come to our premises as clients, they resist the security protocols, and they perceive that we are treating them as if they were criminals or suspects to the crime.

Third, we lack police cooperation on some of the urgent matters; they are in two cases:

When we raise the alarm to the patrol police, they dismiss our speculations as void and non-profession while we know the history of events or person that makes use to raise suspicions (Fernandes, 2011).

Some people come while accompanied by the police to avert inspection; we are not guaranteed with the safety of the premise since the policemen refuse to confirm their identity with us. Therefore we cannot recognize the true police or a sneaky (Fernandes, 2011).

Fourthly, when we raise the alarm of a suspected criminal or terrorist activity, we usually get a delayed police response. The police attend to the matter when the damage has already been done (Fernandes, 2011).

These changes have become a major obstacle for ABC Port Limited to commit itself to the Homeland Security. These matters need to be addressed by the Homeland Security and ensure that necessary actions are taken especially on the negligence of the federal police.

At ABC Port Ltd, we believe that if the Homeland Security Department collaborates with us effectively in all manners, we will uniformly be able to combat crime and other terrorist threats. However, if the following proposals will be adhered to, then we can guarantee a safe and secure country. Our expectation form DHS include:

To be provided with armed federal police who will respond to our distress promptly.

The DHS should create a policy that will ensure that the role of corporates in combating crime and terrorism is respected and considered (Sauter & Carafano, 2012).

Additionally, the private security agencies should be updated with the new mechanism to tackle terrorist suspects (Sauter & Carafano, 2012).

With such measures being put in place, we guarantee that we will be less prone to the attacks and those culpable of terrorism or any act of crime will be brought to book. I believe that this report will enable you to appreciate ABC Port Limited in their endeavors to ensure that we have a secured premise as well as country, and our wish is that you will seek to address the obstacles that we face to ensure smooth cooperation between corporates and DHS.


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