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Benefit or Consent? Sam's Auto Repair - Business Essay Example

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A benefit is defined as an interest or profit acquired from something. Consent, on the other hand, is an agreement to do something. Sams auto repair shop is a business that has been set up for fixing cars at a cost. The cost for the services is determined by the service provider, and the customers would seek these services if only they are contented with the cost accompanying them. Otherwise, they would be free to seek car services in other areas. The mechanisms by which the services are delivered may differ, for instance, manual or automatic, but the result is the same. Additionally, the mechanism applied contributes largely to the attached cost. The mandate of determining the cost solely lies with the service provider, and that explain Sams autonomy in determining the $50 pay for checking ones car. In most cases, there is a provision for launching complaints if the customers expectations were not met or the service was faulty and did not address the problem which had caused the customer to seek help. In such cases that the customer and the service provider agree to the terms of service, it is rightfully considered consent.

Benefits in business settings are termed as the profits. Profit in terms of funds is the amount that is above the cost of providing the service in question. If the cost of repairing a car in terms of labor and other resources utilized amount to $30, and the customer is asked to pay $50, the $20 difference is considered as the benefit or profit. In the business world, entities run on profit. Businesses are set up to generate profits for the owner unless the organization is a nonprofit one. In light of that, the prices set for the products or services offered by any business must contain a percentage as profit which is above the cost of production. As such, the $50 charged by Sam must be having a certain amount as profit. However, the whole amount cannot be termed as the profit or benefit.

The kind of service described as being offered by Sam to the client is looking under the hood of the car instead of fixing the car and imposing a $50 charge. The validity of his charge would be measured by considering the outcome of his activities, whether by looking under the hood he auto repairs the car or the charges are irrespective of repairing the car. Considering that this shop is an auto repair one, it would not necessarily require a manual fixing of cars, rather, this is done automatically using machines. If he offers his services satisfactorily, the charge he imposes will be a consent since it is the set charge for such kind of a service.

In summary, a benefit/profit differs from consent. A benefit is applicable where there is an extra advantage on top of the basic. Consent, on the other hand, is the agreed upon terms of operation. The benefit is a portion of the whole amount while a consent is the overall amount or charge. In Sams case, the $0 charge can be considered as a consent since it is the amount set for that kind of service. Being an auto repair shop, the Sam does not necessarily have to fix the car manually. However, if the $50 charge is based on the mere act of looking at a car without fixing the problem, then that would be considered a benefit and not consent.

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