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Case Study of Google

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Case study
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A strategy known as crowdsourcing is used in Google. This is whereby an organization obtain ideas and contribution from a group of people for problem-solving purposes or innovation. This shows that Google takes a keen interest in reaching the necessary human capital wherever it exists. The company uses almost three hundred prediction markets which consist of its employees. Their work, in this case, is to assess client demand for new products in the market and the competitor performance. Google has also developed an employee work structure which has been very a very important aspect of the company. The structure follows a 70/20/10' model whereby 70 percent of staff time should be concentrated on accomplishing the job roles, 20 percent is a time where an employee should spend time on personal growth which also benefits the company. The 10 percent is the employee's time to do whatever he/she wants i.e. time for creativity and innovation. This is important since it has created a good staff rapport with the company.

Google is one of the most successful companies in the world. Its net worth is approximately $520 billion. Since Google started operations it has made millions from online advertising and one of the best search engines making it very successful. They introduced Google Adwords which generates automatic revenue that powers Google's activities. Users are able to view ads and pay for them with a click. The company allows their employees to take one day a week to concentrate on original projects. This has led to the development of new innovations such as Google News. Google has also embarked on bringing some companies to them such as Alphabet which has made it more diverse. The acquisition of assets like Motorola a phone maker company, Nest Labs, a thermostat company and the video sharing site, YouTube has been a major factor in the success story of Google. Google also offers high-speed internet with up to 1000 megabits per second. The coverage has grown within years in the USA covering up to nine cities.

Google's diversification has seen a number of key projects and innovations. They have ventured into healthcare by developing applications in google play (iCare) that has features like blood pressure measurement, heart rate measurement, vision measurement and many others. They also have an eye in the automotive industry with intentions of developing the driverless-car technology. Recently, Google is investing in areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable convenience and more efficient approaches to life. The development of Google-home and Appo promises to deliver more substantial results.

Google should focus more on regarding customer concerns by implementing a human rights approach and addressing ethical issues effectively. The use of Gmail and Google Search has led to increased risk of privacy invasion. This is because searches that have been done by people are recorded and the items that are deleted in inbox retained. They should create some features to curb this to avoid privacy issues. Google should strengthen their Research and Development team by increasing Google's brand name recognition through advertisement. They should also concentrate on telecommunications. The company should also communicate to their employees when implementing the key areas so that they can support them in doing so.



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