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Psychology Essay Example: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Concepts of the theory which makes it most appropriate for Ana as the client in the study.

Cognitive Behavioral Theory incorporates basic concepts of how people think, feel and how they behave (Cognitive, Emotion, and Behavior) as a way of treating various mental health conditions (Murdock, 2017). In the case study, Ana who is a 24-year-old female seems to be a victim of depression noticed in her behaviors as somatic and emotional symptoms all combined. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is the most appropriate intervention approach given that some of the physical signs observed in the client are anxiousness, for instance, shaking hands and tearfulness. Some of the emotional symptoms noticed are hopelessness to secure another job, fear of husband deployed abroad and raised a baby by herself. As such, CBT aims at helping clients be aware of negative behavioral patterns that might distort the way people think. Introduction of an alternative way of thinking is considered thus reducing psychological distress, a perfect remedy for Ana's case.

Why Cognitive Behavioral Theory over other theories.

I chose Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT) for this purpose since it concentrates more on talking to the client during the therapeutic approach. In spite there being other approaches such as psychodynamic, integrative and third wave CBT, this theory works well especially in retaining clients who continue with treatment as compared to other drug trials (Murdock, 2017). Also, CBT uses an approach the entail use of real-world solutions by teaching the clients on how to think correctly and react to a range of stressful circumstances. Based on Ana's case, CBT seems to be the best option since it is a recommended treatment for most issues facing the client; depression, phobias, lack of appetite, relationship difficulties and schizophrenia.

Goals for counseling and Intervention Strategies used to accomplish the Goals.

The goal of counseling using CBT approach is to enable Ana as a client to less problematic or negative emotions through behavioral modification strategy. As a client, Ana faces a condition that arises from maladaptive behavior; behaviors that interfere with normal daily activities, for instance, worrying, thinking a lot, lack of friends and family support. Therefore the main the aim of counselling is to reduce Ana's unwanted behavior an emotions. Intervention strategy by a therapist takes into account a distorted perception from a client and then changing it through cognitive restructuring. One distorted viewpoint from the case study which can be altered by cognitive restructuring is the view that Ana feels hopeless getting another job. According to Arocho (2015), Behavioral therapy also works well in accomplishing the counseling goals where CBT trains a client to remove objectionable behaviors by switching them to desirable ones.

Is Cognitive Behavioral Theory Short-Term or Long Term?

Cognitive Behavioral Theory (CBT) is not necessarily designed for a short or long-term counseling. This approach mostly takes a period of eight to fifteen weeks based on the nature of clients which might be as an individual or group session. With a range of activities to be done such as relation training, self-monitoring and cognitive restructuring, the length of time depends on the severity of the condition (Haran, 2009). In this case, Ana intends to take part in eight sessions hoping that by the eighth meeting, she would have mastered the concepts and be willing to be a better person. Based on her case, I believe the therapy will fall under short-term counseling since her symptoms and life experiences do not portray any severity.

Counselor's Role with this Client.

The ultimate role of a counselor with Ana as a client is to create a perfect rapport to help Ana understand herself and the meaning of her existence. Based on Ana's case as an introvert client who has distanced herself from her family in one year, the counselor needs to demonstrate compassion and genuine concern (Arocho, 2017). By having an individualized interaction, the counselor plays a vital role in knowing whether the client behaves emotionally or logically and whether Ana is a cautious being. A good counselor plays a part of a likable individual with interpersonal skills, flexible, easily accessible and one who exhibits a caring assertiveness.

Clients Role during counselling.

The therapeutic relationship between a counselor and client is considered a degree of success compared to an actual therapy. With a good counselor in place, a client needs to show qualities of an individual ready to understand the treatment. In this case study, Ana's role is to have an objective and something to work for even if it means feeling better about herself and having optimism that her husband will be back safe. Also, clients being realistic and genuine while conversing presents the counselor open to an idea that offers a chance for possibilities in a therapy session (Somers, 2017).

The population appropriate for this Theory and how the theory addresses social and cultural needs of clients.

Cognitive Behavioral therapy is a suitable behavioral approach having a robust theoretical support mostly among substance abusing population. However, the method can also be integrated and combined excellently with other therapies to cater for different addictive behaviors characterized by recurrent patterns of setbacks as seen in Ana's scenario. On social and cultural issues, this theory takes into consideration that people from different cultural backgrounds tend to reason differently on social lifestyles (Hofmann et al, 2012). About the case study, Ana speaks fluent Spanish, and she is an immigrant from Guatemala. Thus, CBT first allows clients to educate the therapists on their cultures to facilitate and recognize issues which might be of importance during the therapy.

Additional Information that is helpful to know about the Case.

Ana's case provides a vast knowledge of her behaviors, family background, education, her major problem and lastly, significant stressors. However, I think the case study should have gone further to give any information on whether the client has had a history of substance use and whether she has had any dysfunctional thinking from childhood. Also, the case should provide specific schedule for the therapy for instance whether Ana will be reporting once or twice in a week.

Risks associated in Using Cognitive Behavioral Theory approach.

Risks associated with this approach of therapy are that one, lack of commitment from the client affects the outcome since for a therapist to assist a client one needs full co-operation. CBT proves to be tiresome especially when a client does extra work while required to attend sessions. Most important, CBT has always failed to give solutions especially to clients with complex mental disorders (Somers, 2017). Lastly, the whole process entails confrontation of anxieties and emotions, something that has proved to be uncomfortable for most patients.



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