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Project Management Body of Knowledge - Coursework Example

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Project management Body of knowledge is a standard that offers guidelines for project management. It is a body that is inclusive of various knowledge that forms the basis of practice unique to the field of project management. Project management is a very important field. It is a discipline associated with the establishment, planning, controlling and executing a particular endeavor with the aim of achieving a set of goals and objectives. Projects are temporary but a very important for an organization. Projects are not routine operations of organizations. They are temporary and are executed for achieving a particular goal. They have a defined scope and are limited to a certain level of resources. Project management is, therefore, a discipline that is focused on working on the project's activities and meeting the needs of their requirements. The Project Management Body of knowledge was established with the aim of developing a set of standards recognized as good practice. It offers guidelines and ways through which project management can be carried out. PMBOK is, therefore, specific to the field of project management. It is based on knowledge and traditional practices that have been proven by both professionals and academics and are applicable as knowledge and information of advanced as well as innovative practices in the field of project management. Project management industry is big and is still expanding regarding knowledge and expertise. This means that PMBOK also evolves. PMBOK is a standard that has several features that make it functional for guiding project management (Rooij, 2009).

PMBOK is process based. It is, therefore, divided into five process groups. The first group is initiating and it associated with the definition of a new project. It deals with getting authorization to start the project of the phase of the project. It is a very important group because it establishes all the initial work needed for a project include permits and authorization needed to begin. It is a group characterized by having a project charter. A project charter is a statement of the objectives, the scope and the participants of a project. It falls at the initial process group because it is among the first activities to be undertaken before the project commences (Mesquida, 2014).

The charter contains the essence of the project which is based on what it is aimed for and how it would be undertaken. It should also offer a shared knowledge and understanding of what the project is all about. It also acts as a binding document that standards as a contract between all the people involved with the project (Mesquida, 2014).

An important aspect of project management is the definition of its scope. The scope of a project is associated with the specifics of the project for which it ought to be limited with. It is associated with what the project needs to achieve and what will be needed for it to achieve it. The definition of scope is very important and needs to be undertaken early in a project. Another important feature is the difference between project process groups and project life cycle. The difference between the two is that project lifecycle is associated with phases which are based on complex and broad. With the phases of project life cycle, process group processes have to be undertaken (Varajao, 2017).



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