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Presentation Example: My Final Story Project

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Explain the background of your presentation.

I will be invited by Professor John, who teaches physical therapy at the University. He has been a close friend since I was at school and has contributed a lot to my educational success.

What type of visual aids/media will you use in your presentation? Select all that apply.

-PowerPoint Presentation



-Other (if selected, please list what will be used):


List any props you will use to assist with telling your story.

I will not use any props to assist me in telling my story.

Describe the attire you will wear for your presentation.

I will be wearing a Navy blue trouser, white shirt and a lab coat for my presentation.


What is your purpose? State your purpose statement

The real world experiences have driven me to go back to school in pursuit of inspiring medical students. I have always had a passion for physical therapy and everything that concerns the health of a human body. I feel motivated when I learn something new about medicine and how I can improve the body fitness of people. Moreover, I want to join a physical therapy program and find a health institution where I can offer my services and assist people. Furthermore, I feel that my real purpose in life is to support individuals in the field of medicine to promote a healthy society. I hope that my strengths and values can help me achieve my dream of promoting a healthy society.

Explain how you came to understand your purpose.

Since I was a little boy, I always had the passion for helping improve the health of people. I would always want to accompany my parents to the hospital since they were both doctors. Throughout my high school life, I always knew that I wanted to undertake a course in the medical field. During my first year in college, I knew what I wanted and decided to earn a degree in physical therapy to achieve my passion and career goal.

Explain how your purpose is related to your values, goals, interests, and strengths.

In my early years, I always had a dream of becoming a physical therapist. I was able to focus and overcome all the stress and challenges in college that one faces on a daily basis to realize my dream. During my college life, I set out a specific plan on how I would accomplish my dream and even took the steps of rewarding myself for every accomplishment that I made along my education life. My little accomplishments eventually yielded bigger achievements that I a still striving to make them better. Moreover, my major strengths are; consistency, harmony and Restorative. Harmony helps me come up with ways of reaching an agreement every time. In my opinion, one cannot achieve anything if they are always in conflict with other people because of different reasons such as different views. I always strive to reach a harmonious decision when faced with such as situation. Furthermore, I love solving my problems, and this is the reason why I am restorative. While other people feel discouraged when they encounter challenges, I always feel motivated to face them. I like the task of analyzing the symptoms and knowing what is wrong before coming up with solutions. Moreover, consistency is critical in my life. I focus on treating all people in the same way in spite of their life situations, gender or class. In my view, discrimination leads to unfair advantage among people depending on their different backgrounds. These strengths can help me achieve my purpose because I will be dealing with individuals particularly the sick who require a person who will provide them with proper understanding, fairness, kindness, and attention.

Explain how your purpose is related to your career goals.

I began with the desire to assist people through providing care and until the idea extended and influenced me to choose a medical field course. Furthermore, every person comes to this world with a specific purpose. I know that my purpose is to help people in the medical field. My strengths (harmony, restorative and consistency) can help me pursue my dream of helping people in the clinics.

Career Pathway

During your presentation what is your career?

Physical therapist and exercise science.

During the final semesters in college and following graduation from college, what was your career pathway? Provide details as to certifications, licensures, internships, and promotions that occurred. What was your starting point that led to the moment of the presentation?

During my years in college, I earned a certificate after working as a licensed practical nurse for some time as I pursued my way to earn a bachelor of physical therapy and exercise science. It is obligatory for all practicing physicians to obtain a license which shows they are authorized to undertake the duty of care. During my final years of college, I started preparing myself to complete a residency and internship. I worked hard to attain high performance because there is high competition for those students seeking to enter the field of physical therapy. I ensured that obtained letters of recommendation for the various physical therapy programs that I had been involved in. After my graduation, I earned a bachelor of physical therapy and exercise science. Seven months later after completing my residency, I was hired at a local hospital near the place I lived at the time. I have always tried my best, and since then, I have been involved in series of physical therapy programs that have been initiated by the government.

Describe your profession including job duties and daily routines. Include details and vocabulary that are unique to this career.

The physical therapy profession is dynamic because it involves various clinical applications including maintenance, restoration, and promotion of optimal physical function. Therapists are required to take the history of the patients and conduct system review by carrying out tests and measures that identify the current and likely problems. Moreover, physicians are supposed to provide interventions such as medications and counseling to the patients. Furthermore, they should conduct re-examination and modify the interventions if necessary to achieve the expected goals and outcomes. Additionally, physical therapy can only be provided by trained therapists or assistants under the direction of a physical therapist. The vision statement of the physical therapy profession is to transform the society by optimizing the movement to improve the quality of peoples lives.

Explain the general workforce skills that are needed for your profession. Discuss what skills are needed to perform your job.

One should be able to work as an individual or work as a team. Moreover, one should have good communication skills to be able to handle the different kinds of people. Also one should be able to work under stressful conditions applying critical thinking and extensive knowledge in the physical therapy profession.

Who did you select to conduct your career interviews? Provide their name and title and explain why you selected them. From each interview identify at least one valuable piece of information that you obtained.

Interview #1:Name/Title: Click here to enter text.

Reason for selection: Click here to enter text.

Valuable Information: Click here to enter text

Academic Pathway

During the presentation, what degree(s) will you have completed? Include degrees from Valencia and transfer institutions, if applicable. Also, include majors.

Bachelor of degree in Physical Therapy and Exercise Science

Explain how your academic program is related to your goals, interests, strengths, and values.

Succeeding in education has helped me in my life. Education has been an essential tool to help me attain what I want in life and also accomplish my goals. School had a positive impact in my life because I knew if I failed I could not have realized my dream. Today, I see myself as a different person than I was ten years ago because I can be able to give more value to myself and also assist other people.

Share the overall cost of your education and the sources of funding your degree(s). Provide specific names of grants, loans, or scholarships. Provide evidence that you have considered the immediate expense and the future cost of your education.

I faced difficulties to pay my school fees. Furthermore, my college education for the four years cost me approximately $91,656. I had few scholarship and financial aid from the government in terms of education loans. Moreover, I received support from family who cared much about me.

What steps did you take to ensure that you successfully complete your degree(s)? Include Valencia resources, including people, places, and course lessons, which you utilized for academic success and career planning.

During my last year, I remember that it was tough because I had to finalize on many things. I tried as much as possible to utilize the resources of the places which I attended to pass. For instance, I would visit the communication lab where I would access some revision papers. Moreover, the professors and the whole staff were friendly and willing to assist me whenever I needed their assistance. Additionally, I cannot forget the new student's experience class which I attended in my first year. The class helped me know how to manage my time and plan for my education. The resources were helpful because I was able to pursue my career of becoming a physical therapist.

In the space below, provide a detailed outline of how you plan to organize the information in your presentation. Remember, your final presentation should be approximately 5-8 minutes in length.


Personal Purpose

Career Pathway

Academic Pathway


My Final Story Project will be presented on 12/12/2017

I will practice presenting My Final Story Project on the following dates: 7/12/2017, 8/12/2017 and 11/12/2017


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