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Fashion Design Essay Example: Male Jackets

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Sewanee University of the South
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The readymade men jackets are retrieved from softwear international, Bangladesh. The male garments are designed through the combination of various elements to make them fascinating and fashionable. The graphic designer of the jackets used a combination of tools to create perfect designs. The pieces of designs communicate a specific message about the garments like the origin, tradition/culture, and the purpose. The essay will look at six elements used to design the jackets namely; texture, balance, asymmetry/symmetry, color, and shape.

Color is an essential feature in the design of garments. The choice of color needs to be balanced both on the saturation. It communicates the mood and temperature. The spacing of the color brings out the physical appeal of the garment. Also, the value of the color guides the customer and the designer. Some garments are meant to reveal value contrast whether high or low. From the two sample garments selected, the element of color is well followed. The designer used a monologue color of yellow and grey for the entire piece. A neutral color like grey can be worn with jeans of different colors thus makes an excellent wardrobe-building colors (Sorger & Udale, 2017).

The shape is the focal point where all the other elements of the garment design revolve around. It determines how the component of color will be distributed and the use of other features like lines, balance, and size. Shapes need to be visually pleasing since they are the highest determinant of the buyer's taste and preference. It is what attracts the customer to go and view the attire. The jackets are one dimensional making it possible for the viewer to see only the front part (Kiapour, Yamaguchi, Berg, & Berg, 2014)

The texture is the other element of the design shown in the jackets. The element of the surface in designs is identified through site and touch. It reflects the natural environment to a great extent. It is classified on the basics of softness, roughness, comfort, and coziness. Rough textile is derived from materials like cement, bricks, and stones while soft is cotton in nature. The jackets above are made up of cotton hence making them comfortable to wear. The textured design of the jackets makes them appealing thus adding visual interest (Sorger & Udale, 2017).

The use of balance in the design work is explained regarding symmetry and asymmetry. Symmetric balance is achieved through the use of even weigh of all the elements on both sides of the design. On the other hand, asymmetrical balance show uneven weigh of the elements. The jackets are designed asymmetrically (Kiapour et al., 2014).

The elements used in designing these jackets are derived from the designs of an Edwardian coat. The current fashion designers draw most of the designs work from the works of past designers (Ewing, 2014). The Edwardian jackets were designed to reflect the taste of the rich, royals and the monarchs. Nowadays, the coats and other garments are designed such a way that they reflect the class of people, tradition, age, and gender. Just like the Edwardian Fashion-era of the United Kingdom which preferred darker shades and intricate designs, the jackets from soft wear use the same element of color in most of its designs. The yellow jackets are derived from the change in the Edwardian fashion which saw the introduction of brighter shades of lighter colors. Use of different sizes in the design also has been drawn from the Edwardian style (Milford-Cottam, 2014).

Samples of Edwardian fashion

The modern fashion jackets have evolved in three eras derived from the Edwardian fashion. The beautiful era was in the 1890s to 1914 which was solely on the British royal family trend, the Gilded Age between 1913- 1970 and the modern era 2000 to date. The Gilded age followed the lifestyle of King Edward V11. The ancient period designs pave way for the contemporary fashion designs.

The beautiful era between 1890 -1914

Gilded Age between 1913- 1970

Modern / 20th-century sample jacket.



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