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The News media has lost its credibility due to many reasons, research by (Bakshy et al., 2015) states that only 30% of the people who listen to the news media sources believe this information while the remaining 70% tend to research further on the credibility of these news. The social media has played its role in this since most of the people tend to go on different social media platforms so as to get the actual information. News Media has become bias over the past few years due to many reasons which has resulted to lose of its credibility to many since these News Media sources give the information they feel we need to hear but not the actual truth on the ground.

According to ((Bakshy et al., 2015)) the News media does not provide the information to the people as its needed due to a number of reasons one of the main reasons being the monitoring of the news media by different bodies which are responsible for vetting the information the public should hear or not hear. With this in mind the public losses its trust in the information the News media provides since the information has been filtered hence the remaining content has little worth t the public. With this in mind the social media has become one of the leading sources of information due to the fact that the platform has less restrictions on what one can or cannot post (Bakshy et al., 2015). A huge percentage of the public tend to go on these social media platforms due to these reasons hence discrediting the worth of the information shared over the News Medias. The filtering of the news by the News medias is based on different reasons such as personal gains a good example is the control by the higher bodies which clearly specify what information is to be aired or not aired. This clearly makes the News Media a biased source of information.

The news media has also become more of a business where the information shared by the sources has in one way or the other have a financial gain to the media house. This has affected most of the News media sources. There have been cases where different news has had to be aired due to personal financial gains instead of considering the public who rely on these sources. Information leakage has brought this information to the public and enlightened them on the different operations happening within the News Media houses (Goldberg, 2014). This has been seen within the different political functions in different houses. The News media tend to pick sides which is not expected from them and this directly shows the biasness of the news media houses.

Another major reason for the news media biasness is the concentration of the irrelevant news that they seem to find captivating to the audience rather than addressing the other major issues which are directly affecting the public. News media sources may focus on some issues such family issues of a prominent person within the society rather than the major issues affecting the public issues such as health policies among other productive issues (Goldberg, 2014). This clearly shows the nature of our media houses and how unreliable their information has become. The main purpose of the news media is to inform the public on the important and relevant information despite how sensitive the issues are but this has not bee the issue over the past few years. This has greatly contributed to news media biasness and the issue has been experienced in different countries. We find the public in different social media crying out loud this issue for the news media to address it but little success has been achieved so far.

The new media over the past few years has faced major challenges in relation to information biasness which has resulted to the public looking for other different reliable sources. This clearly depicts the current nature of our news media sources.



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