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Music Essay Examle - Popular Songs Analysis

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University of Richmond
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Wolves by Selena Gomez, Marshmello

In analyzing Gomez' song, one notices the relationship among instrumentation, rhythm, melody, structure, and texture. The songs melody is a duet since it combines different pitches, ranging from high to low, to come up with a musical sound. The instrumentation of the song comprises of a guitar (during the low pitch) and a mixture of guitar and a drum kit (at the high pitch). The artist achieves rhythm through repetition of rising and falling tone in the three lines of the chorus. Elsewhere, Wolve's structure can be described as cyclic since the performer repeats a given melody throughout the song. Finally, the texture is seen as thin since one can only notice the two musical instruments: guitar and drum kit. in other words, the pentagon interdepend on each other.

How Long by Charlie Puth

On the same none, Charlie's work shows how rhythm, instrumentation, melody, tempo, and tone interrelate. The songs instrumentation comprises of a piano that is set to play a given beat that stops at some point and starts over again. Its melody covers a wide range of pitch from very low to very high pitch. The singer achieves rhythm through repetition of sounds such as at the beginning of every line of the chorus. The tempo is vivace since its speed compels the listener to dance; thus, it is fast and lively. Finally, the song has a major tone due to its vivace tempo that awakens a celebratory mood in people. Here again, the artist combines five elements to come up with a creative work.

Let Me Go by Hailee Steinfeld

It is a kind of a goodbye song that employs rhythm, instrumentation, melody, harmony, and texture admirably. The artist uses a variety of instruments that she introduces at different stages of the presentation. Its melody is disjunct; the pitch shifts from low to high and vice versa unprogressively. The artist facilitates rhythm in her song through repetitive instrument beats and words that she uses in the song. On harmony, there is tension throughout the song, and resolution only seems to appear at the end. Finally, the texture is thick since the artist uses many sound instruments collectively in the song. The five factors make the song a Pop.

Ready For It by Taylor Swift

This is a rap song that makes use of instrumentation, rhythm, melody, texture, and dynamics to define its genre. Taylor achieves rhythm through her repetition of words and sounds in the song; she uses rhyming words in her rap. She uses numerous musical instruments, including the drum, guitar, and piano, among others concurrently; thus, one finds it hard to identify any specific device at any given time. Her pitch varies instantly; so, the songs melody is somewhat disjunct. Moreover, it has a thick texture since many instrumentals are used at once throughout the song. Finally, the songs volume rises slowly from the beginning towards the climax; thus, its dynamics is a crescendo. The description of the five traits of the song gives a clear picture of what a rap looks like.

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