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Managerial Skills for Effective Management - Essay Example

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Self-awareness is one of the categories that stand out for me due to various reasons. As a leader, it is important to understand both your target as well as your weakness. In most cases, the employees might try to evaluate the leader based on his weakness. When they realized that the leader does not know some of that weakness, they might take advantage of that in given case. Base on that, through self-awareness, the leader would try to improve on some of the areas that he/she feels should be improved (McKee, 2012). It is important to note that self-awareness comes emotional intelligence in which the person will be required to be more keen on how he./she conduct operations in that organization. From a leader to be successful, there are several skills and well as qualities that the person must poses. It is only through self-awareness that the manager would be able to identify such skills and leadership quality.

One of how a leader could enhance self-awareness is through examining the type of decisions that he had made in the past. The person can also invite a thirds party who would try to think out of him. Based on those decisions, the leader could determine the rates that he/she needs to be improved. It is not certain that al the decision that the person had made ion the person were beneficial to the organization (McKee, 2012). Some of the decision might have affected the organization negatively. In such a case, it will be the responsibility of the leader to evaluate him to ensure that such mistakes are not repaved in the past.

Another way of enhancing self-awareness is through trying to ask the employees what they think about his or her leadership style. In most cases, it is advisable for the leader to use certain type soft questionnaires in which he/she would distribute it to the employees. By using this measure, the staff would feel free to give out their opinion without any fare or favor. Based on that questionnaire, the leader could discover him. As such, he could be required to evaluate all the information in that questioner to determine some of the answers that are repetitive in most of the questionnaire. Secondly, once a person can modify their behavior towards the work of others, it creates a balanced, positive environment where employees can be guided, educated and motivated. This emotional balance leads to a better thinking pattern for a leader as their emotions are stable to decipher the changes that are needed without letting biases, attachments influence decisions, and actions.

Competing Values Framework

The Competing Values Framework contributes to our understanding of managerial roles and skills in several ways. First, it helps the manager be able to understand both the internal and external organizational focus (Freeman, 2013). Through such aspects, the leader would be able to determine the best ways of solving some of the challenges that arise from both the internal and external part of that business. One way of understanding the managerial roles through the use of competing for value framework is by evaluating how the leader manages the development and the wellbeing of the people both in the organization and it the outside world.



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