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Essay on Films About Labour Studies

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University of Richmond
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Movie review
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Labour Studies involve the consideration of dynamic field whereby it focuses on the work and labor conditions. It surrounds a cutting edge within research concerning the international and domestic issues that involve labor and also gathers data from involved workers (Gill, 2014). In this writing, I will give a review on a series of short films and reflect upon their relation to studies of labor.

In the film concerning the working-people-history-labor-British-Colombia, it elaborates on many details that involve the labor happenings and practices that affect the people and that people faced in the scenes. In the context of this three-part series, it shares many amazing stories that not only explain the stories of workers but also add the industries and events around three centuries of the British Columbias history. Within its view and delivery of information, it basis its claims upon a series of facts that elaborate more details that describe every single happening. Moreover, it features more than a thousand images that are from over eighty private collections, museum, and also archives. In their delivery of the information, the film revives the memories through historical photographs including sounds of archival footages.

Additionally, the short films define a series of events that are happening in the world and how they affect the people. For instance, the movie concerning the living wage in Boston describes a collection of happenings. It involves a group of low-wage workers that start organizing for economic justice since they feel that their rights are being violated. The workers take it to the streets and together, they implied and enforced the creation of a grassroots movement for fifteen dollars per hour minimum wage. The Boston workers were not seeking for more facilities but wanted an increase of the minimum wage per hour which they felt was recommendable. In a similar film concerning the labor conditions, two friends are drinking, and one talks about his plans for leaving to work in a new environment and place that is paying much better and better conditions. The friend is heartbroken and wonders why he wants to move, but after a conversation, there is one thing they agree about, and that is, they need a better work and proper labor conditions.

Moreover, there is also a short documentary regarding the Qatar world cup 2022 about labor working among other conditions surrounding laborers. In the implementation of the happening of the 2022 world cup in Qatar, many stadiums are currently undergoing construction and upgrade since there is the need. The people involved with the building and the countries have every resource they need but lack labor workers. As a result, they resolve to import labor workers from the neighbors, for instance, India and Nepal. Most of the workers visit the place hoping for a better life and decent pay; however, different experiences occur within the setting. With every passing the day, the laborers are losing their lives because of one thing or other. Most of them are trapped to working and cannot leave at their will thus creation emotional distress, subjected to a miserable condition which also results in other issues.

Correspondingly, there are other short films relating to the labor issues. The firm concerning Dresden elaborates details concerning the happenings that face the people there and the real problems that involve the laborers. The authorities refused to enforce the labor laws which protect the workers which in many instances lead to a downgrading society.

Nonetheless, within the context of the short films, I found different factors. The information in the movies concerns the involvement of the authorities with the workers. Many workers are not complaining about the work facilities or the hard labor they go through, but their concerns revolve around the wages or salaries they earn. They want a situation whereby the different work condition pays them, and everyone is willing to try and work at much more paying corporations. Most of them end up at a point whereby they have to sacrifice almost everything to get what they want.

Laborers go through many experiences that in one way or the other affect them. For most of them, it is not their willingness to work under such conditions, but some visit the place for the urge of money and need to sustain their families who need them. For instance, in many cases, workers may travel to other places for work expecting for the best, but instead, the vice versa happens which harms them in several ways, physically, mentally and also emotionally.


To sum everything up, different issues revolve around the labor activities starting with the laws, authorities, companies and the workers. The problems within the short movies relate to labor studies in a variety of ways. They imply and provide evidence that defines details about the happenings in the labor jobs and challenges that the people go through. Learning through experiences is one of the things the films revolve around and are trying to show on how people and nations are striving to achieve much more; however, they do not render attention to the welfare of the laborers (Gill, 2014).


Gill, R. (2014). Academics, cultural workers, and critical labour studies. Journal of Cultural Economy, 7(1), 12-30.

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